Jordan: For 2020 Lewis to Ferrari, Max and Seb to Mercedes

Formula 1 pundit extraordinaire and former team owner Eddie Jordan has officially launched the Silly Season with two quite remarkable predictions, which if true, will certainly shake up the paddock as we know it ahead of the British Grand Prix.

Jordan, whose team up F1 from 1991 and 2004, made two boldest predictions which are sure to launch headlines and heated debate across the web.

We will thus ordain this as the official ‘bullet in the air start’ to launch the “2019 F1 Silly Season” #2019F1sillyseason

Jordan told Channel 4 viewers during the build-up to the race at Silverstone,  “In 2020, Lewis Hamilton will go to Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel will move to Mercedes, with Max Verstappen.”

A highly unlikely scenario considering all the drivers mentioned have contracts in place with their respective teams valid until the end of 2020. Jordan declined to mention sources.

Eddie was once dubbed the village idiot by Ron Dennis, but did predict Fernando Alonso’s departure from Ferrari to McLaren in 2015 as well as Carlos Sainz’s capture by the Woking outfit.

But he does tend to be hit and miss as illustrated by his 2018 prediction that McLaren were returning to Mercedes power, and the claim that Vettel would be in silver for 2019.

Big Question: To believe Eddie or not?

Jordan: Mercedes will probably pull the plug at the end of 2018