McLaren bigger Coca-Cola deal fake news?

A Facebook background photo which was reportedly uploaded to the McLaren page before quickly removing it appears to be “fake news” according to a Tweet by the Woking outfit.

Earlier, believing the image to be genuine, it was reported that McLaren may have finally convinced Coca-Cola to step into Formula 1 with a sponsorship deal.

An eagle-eyed (or dishonest) Reddit reader posted a photo of a McLaren, which shows the Coca-Cola logo prominently on the rear-wing, under the heading: “So this was posted few hours ago as new McLaren background photo on their Facebook, but now it’s deleted…”

Bagging Coca-Cola would be a coup for Brown and his team as the fizzy drinks giant has never seriously embraced Formula 1 in a sponsorship capacity, however, did venture into Nascar and Indycar in the United States.

Late last season McLaren announced a deal with Coca-Cola focusing on affiliated-brands Dasani Sparkling and SmartWater run for the USA, Brazilian and season-ending Abu Dhabi Grands Prix.

Rear wing sponsorship is worth anything between $10-million to $18-million but obviously differs from team-to-team.

At the recent Autosport Show, Brown was bearish when he aired his concerns with regards to the current global sponsorship market, “It’s as hard as it’s ever been.”

“Corporations are a bit nervous to invest long term because they are not quite sure if something happens over here what does that mean. It does put everything into a bit of a slowdown and holding pattern.”

“We were fortunate to bring on about five new partners last year, and we’ll announce another at least two this month that we’ve signed so we are making good progress.”

“It certainly hasn’t come to a stop but it’s slowed things down and some of the craziness that’s going on around the world doesn’t help,” added Brown.

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