Verstappen: Newey is heavily involved with the RB15

While Honda seek to build a decent engine, Red Bull star Max Verstappen takes comfort in the fact that design guru Adrian Newey is deeply involved in the production of next year’s RB15, the weapon that will take the team into their new era.

In an interview with Motorsport-Total, Verstappen revealed, “It’s always very good news when Adrian Newey gets involved with something.”

This year’s RB14 was considered to be one of the best if not the best chassis on the grid good enough for four victories in the hands of the Dutchman and Renault bound Daniel Ricciardo. almost five if you count Brazil!

But the two Honda-powered Toro Rossos suffered more engine issues than their rivals as the Red Bull junior team became a test lab for next season.

Verstappen continued, “Of course we have to build a good car, of course, but a lot will depend on how good the new Honda engine is, I’m hopeful, but I also want to stay realistic, and we have to wait and see what the power unit is really capable of.”

“I think this year has already been pretty good. They have taken a lot of engines just because they could because they were at the back or something happened. I prefer, maybe, to win a race and then blow up in one than be consistently slow.”

Ironically the last races with Renault, the engine supplier he lambasted on a regular basis, were his best races and his best spell of the year, finishing on the podium in all five of the last races, including a superb win in Mexico to add to the famous win in Austria.

But heading to 2019 the 21-year-old is playing down expectations, “It all looks very promising but I want to be realistic. First, we still need to build a car, and then the engine should be reliable as well, and powerful.”

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