valtteri Bottas

Bottas: Mercedes contract renewal time is not quite yet

valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas is no stranger to uncertainty since he departed Williams for Mercedes last year he has been on an annual contract, his future beyond 2018 still remains in the air but the Finn is adamant that he ignores the matter on race weekends and will begin contract negotiations when the time is right.

In Montreal, Bottas was asked how he dealt with the looming uncertainty, he explained, “During the race weekend especially, just ignore it, focus on the job, that’s always the best thing to do and when the time is right, then between the races ideally you start to speak with the team but the time is not quite yet but I have no worries or no pressure on that.”


“I feel I’m in a good place and everything between me and the team has been very positive, we’re making good progress together all the time, so just need to continue and we will see a little bit later on.”

Bottas struggled to find the sweet spot at the Monaco Grand Prix where he finished fifth, while teammate Lewis Hamilton was third at a venue that was never going to suit their car.

“Definitely Monaco was tough,” recalled Bottas. “We always knew that it could be, and that it could be a really strong circuit for Red Bull and Ferrari. So yeah, I think it was damage limitation and we were more or less matching the performance we estimated, or even slightly below. It definitely highlights all the weaknesses we have in the car.”

“The car is definitely not designed for Monaco. The car is designed for most of circuits to be quick, including this one. So at least last year, if the trend stays similar, that we were weak in Monaco and good here, I hope so, because it was a really good for us and hopefully we can have a good weekend here.”

This season, much like last year Bottas has not managed to match his teammate, and although he is fourth in the championship standings he lags 42 points behind Hamilton who tops the standings.

Bottas acknowledged, “Those are the points we have now and I need to deal with it, we need to deal with it, as a team. So, I’m also just really looking ahead. It’s still very early in the season, anything can happen, and I hope I have had my run of bad luck for the year and that things can turn around.”

“There’s no point really in stressing about it. I just want to keep going. I want to win races and I’m sure it will come,” added Bottas who has finished on the Montreal podium in the last three years but has yet to occupy the top step.

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