Ricciardo: Why can’t we have the hypersoft at every race?

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo suggests that Formula 1 should consider having the Pirelli pink band Hypersoft tyre at every race as currently tyre strategy has been marginalised to the point of every team doing pretty much the same thing, with safety car periods triggering differing strategies.

After a mundane Spanish Grand Prix, tyres were again thrust in the spotlight, prompting Ricciardo to tell reporters in Barcelona, “I don’t know why we can’t have the hypersoft at every race. Or at least we qualify on it and maybe figure it out after that.”

“At least we’ve got a qualifying tyre and then bigger differences in the race to create a bit more opportunity.”

“For the top six it was already obvious from Friday [at Barcelona] we were going to qualify on the soft [in Q2, to start the race on that compound] and try to do a one-stop with the medium. That’s no secret.”

“That’s what it is – just trying to create more options, more surprises because it’s a bit predictable for now,” added Ricciardo who lies fifth in the championship standings after five rounds, with victory in China along the way.

Big Question: Is the current tyre F1 format/ choice for race weekends sorted or does it need to be revamped?