felipe massa, michael schumacher

Massa: Schumacher was my teacher

felipe massa, michael schumacher

Four years since his life-altering ski accident in France, Michael Schumacher’s condition still remains a closely guarded secret but that has not Felipe Massa looking back on the man that was instrumental to the Brazilian during his early days in Formula 1.

Massa has retired from Formula 1 now, but it is clear that he has fond memories of the German legend and declared, “He was my teacher.”

Schumacher welcomed Massa to Ferrari in 2006 during the final period of the team’s huge success at the turn of the century. At the end of that season, Schumacher opted to retire so as to make way for Kimi Raikkonen to join the team and allowing Massa to stay on at Maranello.

Massa recalled, “Michael was always very friendly to me, in every situation. And he gave me a big chance by deciding to quit after the 2006 season – that was unbelievably nice of him.”

The Brazilian has visited Schumacher since the skiing accident and is aware of the condition of the seven times F1 world champion but, like most in Schumie’s inner circle, he refuses to talk about the recovery process.

Massa himself had a near-death experience when a coil from a car he was following struck his helmet during qualifying for the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix. Many believe that the Brazilian has never been the same he once was since his accident. He has never won a grand prix since then.

He explained, “As a driver, the accident has not changed me. What has changed is my attitude to life. I love and respect it now much more than before – and also the lives of the other drivers.”

“You never think that a bad accident could happen to you, even if you’ve seen it happen to others. You never thought it could happen to you. But when it happens, you realise how fast life can change,” added Massa.