Vettel: Fighting against the best elevates you to the next level

Lewis Hamilton,Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he is enjoyed his 2017 Formula 1 World Championship Vettel with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and acknowledges that the battle between the two has raised his game.

Asked by journalists during the FIA Hall of Fame launch if he enjoyed his title tussle with the Briton, Vettel said, “Yes, definitely. There is no doubt about his skill and his speed. He’s very quick and he doesn’t do many mistakes.”

Vettel enjoyed a good start to the season, leading the championship at the halfway mark, but his season imploded in the final half while Hamilton’s charge got stronger and eventually he wrapped up the title with three races to go.

Nevertheless the German relished the battle and said he grew from the experience, “Jacques [Villeneuve] said [Michael] Schumacher was the best driver and also the hardest one to fight against. It’s exactly that if you fight against the best it elevates you to the next level.”

Vettel was involved in a number of controversial incidents during the course of the season past, his “road rage” in Baku stands out as a key moment when he lost his cool under pressure.

“A lot of the things that I did back then, they were right, but thinking about it today maybe it could have been a bit different or [I could have been] a bit wiser, I hope so, to allow me to be better,” added Vettel.

This past season’s champion, Hamilton revealed to Stuttgarter Nachrichten that he felt Vettel simply lost his cool when it mattered, “Seb showed more nerves this season, more often than before.”