Robert Kubica

Kubica: Nothing is impossible we will wait and see

Robert Kubica

After an impressive day with Renault during the official in-season Formula 1 test at Hungaroring, Robert Kubica believes that anything is possible on his six year journey back to the pinnacle of the sport, but admits that he does not know what the future now holds for him.

Speaking to reporters in Budapest, Kubica said, “Nothing is impossible. Of course I have been the last six years through different periods and stages of my life mainly dedicated to my physical issues and injuries, then of course there was a lot going on in my head, which is normal I think, so my approach was very simple, anything can happen.”

“If we see where I was four months ago compared to where I am now it is a big change and it happened very quickly. I think if in three months I did improve a lot and moved forward quite a lot, everything can happen in the future but we have to be realistic, nothing will be easy.”

“For sure, my target is to get the kind of role in F1 if I can and if I will have a chance, but I don’t know. One thing is sure, if it doesn’t happen, I will not be disappointed because I am looking at this chance, this situation as very, very realistically.”

“There is a lot to go, but it is far, far ahead so I would like to enjoy the moment and to have a think about what has happened today, because a lot of things happened whilst I was driving. If I get the chance to jump again in the car I will find it much easier, more familiar and it will come more naturally.”

“I would like more opportunities but the reality is that I don’t know. We will have to wait and see,” added Kubica.

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