Todt: Michael was shy so people thought he was arrogant

Jean Todt has given some new insight into his years with Michael Schumacher at Ferrari which will always be remembered as the legendary team’s golden years, but before the five consecutive Formula 1 world titles there were hardships too.

Many remember the glory years, but Schumacher joined the team in 1996 and initially the journey with the Maranello outfit was not a walk in the park as the German, along with Todt, went about moulding the team to his needs and become the force that it eventually was.

Todt said in a recent interview during the SPOBIS in Dusseldorf, “Michael has always been very professional and very detailed in his analysis.”

“Sometimes you have to sow doubt, create stress and tension, but at the same time make sure you do the utmost effort to reach the top level.”

“In some ways, he was shy, so some people thought he was arrogant. That’s not the case. He is a great man. He always fought, and he still does that at the moment.”

“We had an incredible time, both good and bad times. The harder the times the more you remember,” mused Todt.