Reader Rights: Ban the grid girls!


The 2015 Monaco Grand Prix caused quite a stir even before Lewis Hamilton’s botched tyre strategy did. It was when ‘grid boys’ took to their slots while waiting for the drivers to join them on the grid.

The smart and disruptive marketing idea did make almost every single person sit back and take notice of the change and the sponsor that supported it.

Temporary or not, I am glad the gender discrimination stopped. But Formula One is a gender biased sport isn’t it? Is this why Susie Wolff isn’t getting a race seat? At least she thinks so!

Back to grid girls, I will be in favour of the ‘ban’ if the issue does come to me. WEC has done away with them after all and it seems WEC is the cooler formula to follow these days – for the fans and maybe for Formula One too. They even have transparent transporters for their race cars!

Totota WEC transparent transporter

After successfully banning a change in helmet design, the F1 Strategy Group should table and discuss the banning of grid girls on immediate priority.

After all, issues that concern the sport don’t seem to concern them at all. For Bernie, this would mean a loss of earnings (he sells advertising space here too!). Though, my heart goes out to the girls who would use this profession to fund their education, but well, this is Formula One and we are not known to be charitable.

When the sport’s viewership drops further (and I expect it to), the F1 Strategy Group will have an ace up their sleeve – by revoking this very ban in an attempt to arrest the decline. Highly possible in the world of Formula 1!

Kunal Shah is a former single seater racer who now works in the sports marketing industry. He pens his views on Formula One on his personal blog – you can follow him on Twitter