Honda package for McLaren includes free engines and big cash injection


Honda will fill any financial void at McLaren, after the multiple World Champion title holding team unveiled its new silver and black MP4-29 without replacing departed title sponsor Vodafone, as they are set to inject huge investment into the team.

We reported recently that the Woking team and Lotus are tussling for a major sponsorship deal, reported to be with Sony for their Playstation marketing budget.

But even if McLaren – whose sponsorship asking price is probably higher – fails to secure the deal, the respected correspondent for Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, Michael Schmidt, says that the team is financially secure.

That is because incoming works engine partner Honda is coming on board with a whopping €100 million per year in financial backing.

That package includes free engines, €50 million in cash and a 50 per cent contribution to the drivers’ salaries.

“Apparently, the money will already be flowing this [2014] season,” said Schmidt. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    Now that is a sweet deal so long as there is NO EARTH DREAM that was bad

  • Boycottthebull

    Lotus proved they were more deserving of any sponsorship deal. Honda shouldnt put all its golden eggs in one basket.

  • Badman Jose

    !00mil …sounds like a coup is about to take place..Sato is doing really
    well in Inarendy cars with AJ Foyt… Surprise the return of Honda favorite Son
    Mr. Sato to F1.. That young #2 at Big Mac had better have something
    special or adios!


  • Mellow Jessica

    How? By imploding?

    Mansoor Ijaz has done more damage to the marketability of LotusF1Team than Whitmarsh did to McLaren (w/ his decision to hire Perez – only for him to be fired less than a year later), and it’s difficult to understand how/why you think Lotus offers a better branding platform to any serious company.

    And since when is sponsorship doled out based on who’s more “deserving”?