Rosberg counters Schumacher taunt with jibe of his own

Nico Rosberg with Michael Schumacher as Mercedes teammates in 2012

Nico Rosberg with Michael Schumacher as Mercedes teammates in 2012

Nico Rosberg has brushed off reports that his former teammate Michael Schumacher failed to name him among the current very best drivers in Formula 1, but says he is very happy to have beaten the best driver of all time for three years in a row.

As teammates at Mercedes between 2010 and last year, it is generally accepted that Rosberg usually had the upper-hand over Schumacher when the seven-time world champion raced out a three-year Formula 1 comeback.

But when contemplating the pecking order in 2013, the great German this week named only Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen as the standout drivers.

And Schumacher was also quoted by Sky Italia: “(Those four drivers and) Maybe someone else I’ve forgotten.”

Could it be that Schumacher’s “forgotten” driver was Rosberg?

“I don’t know,” Rosberg told the Spanish sports newspaper AS, “but he can say what he wants – I don’t comment on these things.”

Two-time 2013 race winner Rosberg did insist, however, that he is “very happy” to be able to say that “for three years I beat the best driver of all time”. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    Ouch that is painful

  • Hawk

    Which one? Nico’s or Schumi’s jibe. But to be honest why would Schumi name Nico among those four? He’s not dumb. And in any case he knew exactly the implications of not naming Nico; since Nico had beaten him 3 times. But it’s stupid to say since JB beat Lewis in 2011 he also qualifies. But you see all these drivers are good but those 4 have made a name for themselves. Fans have many exciting races to remember them by but not Nico, not JB, not Webber…. yet.

  • jl

    no problem nico, you will be forgotten soon while other drivers always try hard and harder to close schumi records

  • Rob

    Why would he be included In the best catagory? He has won exactly three races, the guys that are mentioned, have championships. Until Nico wins a title, he doesn’t deserve to be called one of the best.

  • Kevin Ross

    I am a top fan of Schumacher since the early days! But for any driver 2 compare them selfs 2 him since his comeback is false! I think he was 2 old 2 come back at the age of 41,and for any 1 to expect him 2 be a top runner at that age after 3 years out of the sport at ttat age is unrealistic! He wasn’t far of though!

  • TylerC

    Jenson’s a great driver and he’s a champion for a reason, Nico however should watch what he says. He’s won three races in his career compared to Schumi who had won two championships by the time he was Nico’s age. Personally I don’t believe Nico is championship winning material and Schumacher’s statement is right on in that the four drivers he named are the best. Rosberg will probably just go down as another Heinz-Harald Frentzen. He’ll create a bit of a buzz and win a couple races and in ten years time be largely forgotten as a new generation of drivers and fans enters the sport

  • David lees

    I agree with Michael, Nico Rosberg is very talented and super fast, but so are all the current F1 drivers. However there are only a few at the very top of their game. Vettel and Alonso, stand out. I would love to see Alonso in a Red Bull or a Mercedes for next season.

  • Sennados

    Beat Schumi in what airhead rosberg? You don’t even qualify to be compared to him!