KERS unlikely for HRT in 2012

Luis Perez-Sala (ESP) HRT Formula One Team, Team Prinicpal in the FIA Press Conference. Formula One World Championship, Australian Grand Prix, Rd1, Practice Day, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Friday 16 March 2012.

Luis Perez-Sala

Apr.4 (GMM) HRT’s team boss has confirmed that installing KERS is an unlikely goal for the cash strapped and struggling Spanish team during the course of this season.

Luis Perez Sala said the new F112 was designed to accommodate the energy-recovery technology, but qualifying comfortably within the 107 per cent rule is a better target for now.

“We have a car we are yet to discover,” he told El Confidencial.

Indeed, HRT travelled to Australia last month having hardly run its new Cosworth-powered car, and failed to qualify for the season opener.

“It is designed to carry KERS but in the short term we will not [use it]. We don’t think we’re going to race with it this year,” he added.

“So, in this respect, it’s not perfect. Right now, we have assembled the car in a hurry and so the private testing at Mugello, just after Bahrain, will be very important to us.”

Sala, having rebuilt HRT following the departure of team boss Colin Kolles, was speaking from HRT’s new headquarters at the Caja Magica (Magic Box).

“After Bahrain, we will have the cars here. From the Spanish Grand Prix, we will begin to function more effectively.

“In China and Bahrain we will improve things in the car and the team, but it is a slow process that will last all year.

“As I sit here (in Madrid), some people are in Valencia, others in Germany, England … the cars are flying to China and we need to address issues of reliability, not just performance.”

It is a tough situation for HRT, but Sala concedes that the ‘paddock perception’ of the team is that it has gone backwards since debuting in 2010.

“It is really our first year,” he insists.

He notes that Bernie Ecclestone, once a staunch critic of the struggling backmarkers, is “quiet”.

“We have not had any problems, I think he is calm,” said Sala.

It is also a busy time off the track for HRT, as many rival teams are busily signing the new Concorde Agreement for 2013.

“There are teams that are more advanced than others; for us, the negotiations are still at the beginning,” he said.

The most obvious goals right now, Sala insists, are to have “a team that works together, has a reliable car and a small team that can develop it, and we’re around 105% off the pole”.

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  • jonnyp

    putting something small like kers on your car is the reason you will stay at the bottom. it’s as tho you have no desire to improve.

  • Psych4191

    I wish HRT would just go away. They have made zero impact besides negative. Marussia and Caterham are going forward, while HRT are a real drag, almost a joke. I’d laugh everytime their hydraulics failed if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  • me262


    why? are you a Vettel fan? do you have something against minorities, the weak, the poor?


    Learn to read…you’ll see that LPS stated that much of the potential is yet to be unlocked from their car. The reason why they cant go DRS route this year is $

  • Psych4191

    @me262 I’m not a fan of any one driver. I’m a fan of good racing. HRT has had 3 years and has failed to deliver a single good race. They’re getting left in the dust, failed to qualify, Have had more problems than a single teenage parent, and are too ignorant to realize they’re done. I don’t even think they’ve had a single season start at Jerez. They’ve always been late on development. They don’t even have to get on track to be slow.

    Meanwhile, Catherham is improving very well, Marussia is showing real progress, and the only team anywhere close to the 107% mark is HRT. If HRT weren’t on the grid, this would probably be the closest season top to bottom in the history of F1.

    They also have the worst driver pairing on the grid. They gave up Liuzzi for an old, washed up McLaren Test Driver and an incredibly slow driver THEY axed last season. Meanwhile, better drivers like Bianchi, Bottas, Alguersuari, Buemi, Barrichello, and Trulli still need seats. You can’t say they wanted to go young, as De La Rosa is as old as Schumi and Rubens.

    Also, for you to insinuate that I am racist or discriminative is simply uncalled for and ignorant. How does my disdain for laziness and underachieving become discrimination?