Ferrari Chassis Technical Director resigns

Ferrari Chassis Technical Director resigns

Ferrari Chassis Technical Director resigns

Ferrari announced that the Technical Director of their Chassis Area, Enrico Cardile, is leaving his post with immediate effect.

Cardile is expected to join Aston Martin and has been linked with the British team for some time now as another step in the development of their Formula 1 project

The announcement from Maranello came just one day after the 2024 British Grand Prix, where Team Principal Fred Vasseur as asked about Cardile’s future but refused to confirm anything.


Facing the media, including GrandPrix247, Vasseur asked whether Cardile was still in his position with reports he had already signed a deal with Aston Martin.

Vasseur said: “If Aston Martin want to communicate on something, I’m happy for them. But it’s not our case today, he’s part of the organisation. You know the role of Enrico, he was the technical director on the chassis side.

“Tonight [Sunday night], he’s still technical director of Ferrari,” the Frenchman insisted.

However on Monday, Ferrari issued a statement confirming Cardile’s departure.

The statement said: “Scuderia Ferrari HP announces that Enrico Cardile is leaving the company, therefore relinquishing his role as Technical Director Chassis Area.

“After almost two decades with Ferrari, Cardile has handed in his notice and therefore, with immediate effect, and as an interim measure, the Chassis Area will be overseen by the Team Principal, Frederic Vasseur.

“Everyone at Scuderia Ferrari HP thanks Enrico for all his hard work over so many years,” the Ferrari statement concluded.

Aston Martin have not announced anything regarding Cardile at the time this article was published.

(Fred Vasseur quotes by Agnes Carlier from Silverstone)