Verstappen: I know Norris' birthday present, big mirror or glasses

Verstappen: I know Norris’ birthday present, big mirror or glasses

Verstappen: I know Norris' birthday present, big mirror or glasses

Max Verstappen quipped that he would gift Lando Norris a big mirror or some glasses for his birthday after the Briton pushed him off track at the start of the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix.

The triple Formula 1 Champion’s comments came after the McLaren driver played down the first lap tussle between them as the #1 Red Bull was on the grass as its driver fought for the position with the #4 McLaren.

Needless to say it was a hard defensive move from Norris, but Verstappen kept his foot down and took the position, but then had to pass Mercedes’ George Russell who benefitted from the Red Bull and McLaren fighting to take the lead after a lightening start.


Verstappen complained about Norris pushing him on the grass but the stewards did not see the need to impose any penalties – and rightfully so.

Speaking to the media in the post-race FIA press conference, Norris was asked about the incident, he said: “I mean, it’s always difficult to judge in that situation.

“I can’t get a tape measure out and measure it perfectly. I’m not going to make his life easy. There was enough space, I think. I think it was just racing. I gave him enough space. I don’t think at any point there wasn’t enough space for him to stay on the track,” he explained.

Turning to Verstappen Norris said: “What? Do you want to answer it?” only for the Dutchman to respond: “No, no, no.”

Verstappen: I would have done the same

However, the reigning F1 Champion was asked to give his take on the incident, he joked: “I think I know his [Norris] birthday present already. So it’s either like a big mirror or some glasses, and it will be fine!

“It’s OK. No, listen, I mean, it’s hard racing for sure,” he added. “If you turn it around, would I have done the same? I probably would have done the same. You always try to squeeze it to the limit.

“I also really wanted to avoid potential contact, because you don’t want to rub wheels and potentially damage your suspension. So you naturally leave probably a few centimetres extra. And that meant those few extra centimetres meant that I had to go a little bit on the grass.

“And also, luckily, with doing that, nothing happened. So it’s all good. I mean, we still had a good run to Turn 1,” Verstappen concluded.

Verstappen’s pass on Norris proved pivotal for the race win as the latter could not recover after that, and while he came close to challenging the Red Bull ace in the final laps, it was all too late to launch a proper attack.