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What You Can Learn About SEO From Formula 1

f1 seo

Formula 1 is undoubtedly an unconventional source of inspiration for SEO. At first glance, it may be unclear just how cars driving around a track at high speeds could have anything to do with search engines.

However, peeling back the curtain reveals that F1 is about 10 engineering-centered businesses all fighting in a zero-sum game to win the prize money worth millions of pounds.

In the world of SEO, a website and Search Marketing could be likened to the F1 teams. Alternatively, think of it this way: there are only 10 spots on the first page of a Google search, and your website needs to be there for you to be in the rankings race.


For example, if you search for an online casino in New Zealand, you’re very likely to click on a link on the first page. In fact, reports that 75% of people only look at page 1 of a search. Therefore, you must beat your competitors to secure one of the pole positions.

Getting a podium finish in F1 is determined by the driver, competitor knowledge, strategy, support team, and the car’s engine and aerodynamics. Similarly, in SEO, there are several factors that come together to influence how your website ranks.

So, what aspects should you prioritize to ensure that you beat your competition and rank No. 1 on Google? This article answers this very query through Formula 1 analogies that will help explain how to make sure that you cross the finish line first. 

The Driver: The Strategy and Marketing Manager

Lewis Hamilton is considered an outstanding driver by many fans, arguably though his success could be attributed to the team behind him and the Mercedes car that would still win a number of races even with a ‘less experienced’ driver from another team. Better yet, a great driver cannot win races in a slow car.

So, in terms of Search Engine Optimization, if the team behind your digital marketing and strategy has a poor sense of SEO understanding and knowledge, success may be impossible. You need to have the Lewis Hamilton of search marketing managers. 

The Engine: Content Marketing

In F1, the key to winning is the car and its engine. A superior car like the Mercedes consistently does well. So, you need a tiptop engine that can challenge your competitors.

For this instance, we spoke to Jacob Mitchell, a publisher at OnlineCasinoRank. He states, “When it comes to content creation, backlinks, content outreach, and superior thought leadership are the drivers for your SEO efforts that will create winning and engaging content.”

These aspects could even be regarded as the ‘engine’ of SEO content creation, but it takes quite a bit of time, so be sure to have a clear time that will optimize what your team focuses their time on. 

The Aerodynamics: Technical SEO

F1 teams invest a lot in their aerodynamics as they do their engines. You should also spend as much time on technical SEO as you do content creation.

The marginal gains from analyzing page speed to competitor analysis and coding optimization, together with your analytics, can dictate whether you rank at the top of search engines or not.

You might be tempted to rip up the current marketing strategy and start from scratch, but maybe you only need to continue with what you’re already doing and focus on areas that need changing, which will result in a better performance.

Remember that whatever you do, like an F1 team, must be cost-effective and able to drive a good return on investment.