Doohan insists he feels "very" ready for F1

Doohan insists he feels “very” ready for F1

Doohan insists he feels "very" ready for F1

Jack Doohan, Alpine’s reserve driver claimed, after taking part in FP1 for the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix, that he feels ready for his Formula 1 debut.

The talk about Doohan’s future with Alpine has ramped up ever since the French F1 team announced that their current driver Esteban Ocon will be leaving them at the end of the 2024 season.

And the fact that he was immediately in Ocon’s car after the announcement caused speculation that the Doohan is being prepared for a debut in top flight in 2025.


Speaking to Sky Sports F1 after taking part in FP1 in Canada, a compromised session due to rain, Doohan was asked about his chances of replacing Ocon in 2025.

He said: “It’s difficult to say anything with Formula 1 is for certain. My dream is to be on the grid, my dream is to be in Formula 1. I’m here with the team as a reserve driver preparing myself to be in the car.

“That is where I want to be, and every time I get to do that, whether it’s the sim or on track, experiencing myself with marketing, in comms, I’m trying to position myself to get that opportunity. Nothing is for certain, there’s no givens, but I want to be there,” he explained.

Doohan felt comfortable doing FP1 in Canada

Quizzed whether he feels ready to make the step up into F1, the young Australian driver responded: “Very.

“I think that previous mileage has been very, very high in the ’21 car, and two days in the ’22 car. I felt very comfortable coming into today [for FP1 in Canada].

“Previously coming to FP you have nerves, you feel you’re jumping up from Formula 2, so there’s a lot of emotion, whereas coming into today I felt very complete, there was no fear, there was nothing about feeling out of my comfort zone.

“I really felt that even with the test times we were going to run that I could actually hop in and have a crack and really do something good. But, in the end, we didn’t obviously get to do that and it’s a little bit unfortunate, but that is how it is.

“I’ve been able to show what I can do in those tests which are much longer, more time than an hour for the weather window!” Doohan concluded.

Doohan finished second in the 2021 Formula 3 Championship, and raced in Formula 2 in 2022 finishing his first season in sixth. He was third in the end of the 2023 F2 season.