Stella: 2026 Formula 1 cars not fast in corners, too fast in straights

Stella: 2026 Formula 1 cars not fast in corners, too fast in straights

Stella: 2026 Formula 1 cars not fast in corners, too fast in straights

Andrea Stella, McLaren’s Team Principal, revealed his team’s findings from running the 2026 Formula 1 cars in the simulator which seem to be fast in the straights and slow in the corners.

The recently revealed 2026 regulations for the chassis side of the F1 cars has been the talk of the town in Montreal, drivers weighing in on the matter and now the team bosses.

Facing the media on Friday, team bossed were asked whether they have run the 2026 car designs in their simulators, and is turned out McLaren have.


And it seems their findings echo what drivers said, in particular Nico Hulkenberg who noted that the 2026 cars have lower downforce and feel quite different.

Stella said: “I would say that at the moment, the way cars are in the draft version of the regulations, and we need to say draft, because like we say, there’s a lot of work to do.

“The cars are not fast enough in the corners and too fast in the straights. So these two aspects need to be rebalanced,” he added.

Vowles: Imperative that we are still the leading series in motorsport

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Williams boss James Vowles also had some insights to share, he commented: “I would say for me, it’s imperative that we are still the leading series in motorsport. That’s how I see us. We’re the pinnacle of this.

“And therefore, as a result of that, we need to make sure that we’re maintaining the performance and speed we have. And right now, I think Andrea summarised it well, there’s a mismatch there, fundamentally. The performance difference to an F2 car could be as small as a few seconds. And that’s starting to get a little bit tight, especially when you compare it to the other series around the world that you’ve nominated,” he explained.

“But also, as Andrea mentioned, these are draft regulations. And just this week, in fact, there were two changes which took quite a bit of downforce away. I’m confident we’ll get to a better solution in that regard.

“It’s not that we’re so far away. Just a little bit more work required, though,” Vowles concluded.

Stella however insisted that McLaren support the objectives of the sport and its governing body, the FIA, that resulted in such regulations, but warned that in their current form, those objectives will not be achieved.

He said: “As for McLaren, we are in agreement and we support the intent and the objectives at high level that were stated in the press release.

“However, if we look at the regulations in the draft form that has been circulated, they are still far from being able to achieve those agreeable objectives and intent,” he noted. “So it is the time for the FIA, F1, and the teams to work together, listen to one another, and contribute to form a solution that will allow the sport to meet those objectives.

“I think if we meet those objectives, we’re going to have Formula 1 in a good shape, but we need to make sure that when it’s the time of implementation, we actually deliver a product that meets those targets and objectives,” the Italian concluded.