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Lalalli Senna: Turning point as Ayrton’s legacy now in young hearts

senna vettel imola

Those of us who were present at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix at Imola, will never forget that weekend, first the death of Roland Ratzenberger and a day later the crash that claimed Ayrton Senna’s life early on in the race… imagine his family.

The Senna legend, and tragically his, death is very well known by fans who lived those unforgettable years of Formula 1. His achievements took place decades before social media magnified everything and thus relatively under the radar in terms of the massive exposure sportsmen, and F1 drivers attract in this modern internet and digital era.

But the tribute at Imola this past Emilia Romagna Grand Prix weekend was the fuel required to fan the flames of his legacy to the new audience that F1 has attracted. Not only since Senna was killed but also in the current modern F1 boom. Those three days in Italy generated exposure that will no doubt have captured the emotions of the modern generation of true F1 fans.

That is the opinion of Ayrton’s nieces Bianca and Lallali Senna CEO of Senna Brands and CEO of Lalalli Studios…

The anger, hurt, pain, and devastation we all felt prevailed for months, and still lingers on occasions such as the 30th anniversary of that fateful weekend at Imola. Memories flooded back last weekend as the sport united to remember their fallen heroes.

Viviane is great and takes care of her Mom in Portugal

Ayrton Senna casts a mighty shadow | South China Morning Post

The emotions throughout suggest the pain never goes away. And that’s for us the bystanders, the media the fans how must it be to be Senna family? Their pain is ever present perhaps soothed by the fabulous work of the Senna Foundation founded in his name and overseen by the great Brazilian’s sister Viviane Senna.

Not present at this occasion as Viviane tends to her elderly mother, Senna’s nieces Bianca and Lalalli Senna were on hand as ambassadors of the Senna Foundation and representing the family.

The sisters were visibly moved and emotional by the outpouring of love for their uncle, they were both happy to share their thoughts amid lumps in our throats and crowds heaving with emotion and respect for our fallen hero.

To start, I asked about her mother’s welfare, to which Lalalli revealed: “Viviane is great. Our Mom takes care of her Mom in Portugal. Our Grandma is 88 years old now.”

As for the ‘Ayrton Senna’ name, three decades on Lalalli said: “It is a turning point. When you are talking about 5 years, 10 years ago, 20 years of legacy… We are still talking a little bit about the past. now 30 years… is a changing point and a turning point.

“You talk about the past but also the future as of now. It is about what it becomes. I feel that Ayrton is so engraved in young people’s hearts, the new generation. That is for us a turning point,” ventured Lalalli.

Ayrton is still big because he meant much more than his race results

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Bianca added: “It is a mixed feeling. we remember the tragedy and how we felt and the big loss that we had. At the same time a sense of pride and a sense of great gratitude. At the end of the day, Ayrton is still big because he meant much more than his race results. Even for the young generation.

“That shows that in everybody’s life, it is a symbol. It is a symbol from someone which is showing us that if you have a dream you have to fight for it and never give up and eventually you will get there. It is not always the easy way. Everybody feels about his story. This will be everlasting.

“We turned the tragedy into an opportunity for the other generations in Brazil to become their best versions through education and providing opportunities in Brasil for them to be able to dream and be able to conquer. For me it is the feeling, I am sure he is very proud,” ventured Bianca.

Lalalli revealed how there was concern within the family that Senna’s legacy would fade as time marched on: “My grandmother told me that the people and the world would forget Ayrton quickly. But someone also told me that Ayrton was not only famous but also much loved which takes things to a whole different level.”

Ayrton Senna is the symbol of the hero that everybody has inside them

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“It is important to keep Ayrton’s memory alive,” continued Lalalli. “Everything we have done was so important with the foundation that this brings things to a whole different level. The aspiration that people get from him is not only for success but also for human values. Bianca has done great work with the brand and developing the brand. For the family to see everything that has been done around him. It is meaningful,” declared Lalalli.

Tributes to Senna as witnessed at Imola this year are also set to carry onover to Monte Carlo where Senna is still F1 the King of Monaco. McLaren have a special livery for this weekend, tipping a hat to the iconic yellow helmet synonymous with the legend.

All actions that Lalalli and the Senna family appreciate: “It is important about how to keep his memory alive to have a story like this. It is very hard to touch people hearts like he did.”

Bianca concluded: “Ayrton Senna is the symbol of the hero that everybody has inside them. He is a hero. He always picked the hard way. It is never easy. You need to fight to get what you need. ”

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