Monza undergoes full makeover ahead of 2024 Italian GP

Monza undergoes full renovation ahead of 2024 Italian GP

Monza undergoes full makeover ahead of 2024 Italian GP
Monza, host of the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, will undergo a major renovation, the track’s first since 1980, and will be revealed on the eve of the 2024 race.

The renovation aiming at bringing the historical Italian track up to the modern standards of F1 will come at the cost of €21-Million and will require 140 days for completion ahead of this year’s Italian Grand Prix.

The end result will be a “more modern, high-performance, safe, comfortable and sustainable system” with the process using “materials obtained from regenerated and regenerable raw materials”, and “will involve little exploitation of virgin resources and will have a minimal impact on the natural environment of the park and will allow the reduction of both air and noise pollution”.

The changes to the track will include a newly developed flexible paving, the demolition and reconstruction of the curbs present along the curves, the renovation of the water collection and drainage system with the new system specifically designed to deal with increasingly frequent extreme weather events.


Additional alteration included the redevelopment of the entrance avenue from Vedano, the demolition and reconstruction of three underpasses, the construction of a new underpass that will connect Porta Vedano to the Parabolica, and the creation of new pedestrian paths in concrete.

The official website for the Monza track explained that the underpasses aim at guaranteeing the offering the public maximum safety, while separating pedestrian and vehicular traffic while providing a “functional and safe access for heavy vehicles’.

The renovation was announced on the official Monza website in a press release that said: “Friday 30 August 2024, on the occasion of the 95th edition of the “Formula 1 Pirelli Gran Premio d’Italia”, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza – the oldest, most prestigious and fastest circuit in the F 1 world – after 140 days of works and investments for a total of 21 million euros , will be presented to riders, teams, professionals, media, fans and enthusiasts with a completely renewed body and soul: a restyling that will make “The Temple of Speed” more modern, high-performance, safe, comfortable, sustainable.

“A commitment to adapt to the standards of modern Formula 1. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini also participated in the start of the work this morning,” the statement added.

Domenicali: Committed to making F1 more sustainable

Angelo Sticchi Damiani (President of Automobile Club Italia) said: “We want to combine the extraordinary history of this facility, which has hosted the exploits of the all-time champions of world motorsport, with technological research and the most cutting-edge architectural solutions, naturally with the utmost respect for the iconic place in which we are located.

“We are in fact inside the second largest fenced park in Europe, a restricted park, a treasure to be safeguarded for future generations. Within this context we have designed and from now on we will work towards the realization of an ambitious project which will have the aim, within three years, of completing a significant restyling of the Autodrome.

“The objective is to ensure that our system aligns itself with the best circuits around the world, in terms of the quality of the offer provided, preserving the plus of over one hundred years of history, the unique heritage of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Always in the search to keep the helm firmly in place, in the development of our journey that begins today, the first interventions are aimed at safeguarding the usability of the facility and the safety of the public, trying in the meantime to get to the next grand prix by immediately giving a new and captivating image of the circuit.

“We are absolutely grateful for the attention of the Government and the Public Authorities, demonstrated by the presence of the Honorable Matteo Salvini, Vice President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who wanted to demonstrate his support for the Automobile Club of Italy, to the Automobile Club Milano, represented here by President Geronimo La Russa, and to SIAS in the person of President Giuseppe Redaelli. A further testimony to the unity of the team that is carrying out this project is the unconditional support that the Lombardy Region, in the person of its President Attilio Fontana, has always shown.”

Stefano Domenicali (President and CEO Formula 1) added: “The important works starting here today represent the first step needed to adapt the Monza plant to the standards required by modern Formula 1. I want to thank the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the President of Lombardy, the President of the Automobile Club of Italy and the mayor of Monza for the effort that led to this announcement and to making the investments possible.

“I look forward to these works being completed in time for the Italian Grand Prix in September and look forward to seeing the full program of works continue over the coming years.”

MOnza podium celebration F1 Italian Grand Prix

Attilio Fontana (President of the Lombardy Region) commented: “The complex of the Park and the Royal Villa of Monza is a jewel of our Lombardy which hosts important activities. Among these is the Autodromo where the Monza Grand Prix takes place which has a history and fame with few equals and an important return for the area.

“The Lombardy Region has always supported with substantial resources both the Villa Reale complex, with 55 million euros for the realization of the master plan, and ACI, with 32 million euros of autonomous resources and 25 million derived from the State, for the works that will allow use the systems as best as possible with an important economic return. We hope that the renovation works, which start today, will be completed within the scheduled timescales and that the planned works on the stands and boxes will also be completed as soon as possible.

“We also trust that the national institutions will continue to support, together with us, the Monza Park with its Villa and the Grand Prix,” Fontana concluded.

Also present was Paolo Pilotto (Mayor of Monza) who said: “The constant commitment of all the public entities involved has made it possible to get to today with the start of the works. In particular, we have paid great attention to maintaining a stable and rigorous balance between the needs of the sports facility – which boasts a glorious history – and respect for the cultural and environmental heritage that surrounds it, which is equally historic and prestigious.

“Today’s is certainly a goal, but also a challenge in ensuring quality and precision of execution, combining them with respect for the scheduled times: a test of speed and skill that the circuit requires and which we are certain will also be applied to the other works that the capital of Brianza awaits, starting from the extension of the M5 line from Milan to Monza.”