Hamilton: Film and fashion will take the place of racing

Hamilton: Film and fashion will take the place of racing

Hamilton: Film and fashion will take the place of racing

Lewis Hamilton revealed that when he finally decides to hang up his helmet, film and fashion will be the activities that replace Formula 1.

While Hamilton gets ready for another major step in F1, moving to Ferrari in 2025, there is no hiding that he has entered the twilight of his illustrious career, currently 39 years old and will turn 40 just when he joins the Italian team.

The Briton has always been different in the way he approached his racing with his jet-set lifestyle and interests away from the track such as music and fashion.


However, that was not how things started, and speaking in an interview with GQ magazine, Hamilton revealed that despite his success in F1, he was not happy and started to look around to fix that.

He said: “When I first got into Formula 1, it was wake up, train, racing-racing-racing–racing, nothing else. There’s no space for anything else.

“But what I realized is that just working all the time doesn’t bring you happiness, and you need to find a balance in life. And I found out that I was actually quite unhappy,” he added.

“There was so much missing, there was so much more to me. And it was crazy, because I was like: I’m in Formula 1, I reached my dream, and I’m where I always wanted to be, I’m on top, I’m fighting for the championship. But I was just not—it was not enjoyable,” he explained.

Racing like being in a snow globe

Lewis Hamilton, Sofia Richie, Ilona Smet

The seven-time F1 Champion revealed that getting to mingle with people from the fashion and filming industry opened up his eyes on many options.

“It’s almost like being in a snow globe—that’s the racing world,” he pointed out. “And there’s so much more outside of it that you just don’t have time to explore. I think if you go to an office every day and do the same process every single day, eventually you just zone out. You have to find something else that can soothe you, can keep your mind going.”

And as Hamilton pursued his off-track passions mainly in music, film and fashion, he became the subject of much criticism, he explained: “As I explored my creativity and also how to express myself.

“I experienced a lot of pushback in the media. People just judging me: ‘This is not how a racing driver behaves.’ ‘This is not what a racing driver does.’

“I went through this phase of understanding that I can’t race forever, because when I stop, I’m gonna drop the mic and be happy,” he added explaining the drive behind developing his non-racing activities.

As to how he plans to fill up his time when he retires, the winner of 103 F1 races said: “The difficult thing is I want to do everything.

“I’m very ambitious. But I understand that you can’t do—actually, I take that back because I don’t believe in the word can’t.

“To be a master at something, there’s the 10,000 hours it takes. Obviously, I’ve done that in racing. There’s not enough time to master all of these different things,” he maintained.

Asked with is going to take the place of racing, the F1 star responded: “Well, I think it’s going to be film and fashion.”

Indeed Hamilton has his own film production company – Dawn Apollo Films – an is currently involved in the F1-themed movie starring Brad Pitt, in addition to his fashion projects with Hilfiger.

Looking to finish off strongly with Mercedes

For now though, Hamilton remains an F1 driver and is currently on his final year with Mercedes, the team he joined in 2013 and won six of his seven F1 Titles with, not to mention 82 of the 103 wins he bagged over the course of his foray in top flight.

And despite the troubling early signs at Mercedes in 2024 as Hamilton battles another subpar F1 car produced by the team, he insists he wants to leave on a high.

He commented: “My focus is: How do I deliver the best year that this team has ever had, after all the great years we’ve had?

‘It’s how you engage with the people around you,” Hamilton continued. “Who have taken the news, some of them really well, some of them less so. How do you take them on this journey and leave on a high together?

“I’m training harder than I’ve ever trained. I feel the most physically prepared I’ve ever been. So I’m really excited about the present, knowing that nothing is promised beyond that.

“But then it’s also conceptualizing, I have all these ideas of things I want to do beyond, in the next phase,” he concluded.

Although this interview with Hamilton was recently published – yesterday – it was conducted in February, before the 2024 F1 season was in full swing, which means by that time, he did not realize how bad the W15 was, or maybe he did and was just trying to stay positive regarding his chances to finish strongly at Mercedes.