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Not Obvious No Deposit Casino Bonuses You Could Have Missed


No deposit bonuses have become very popular with gamblers. Casinos often use them as a way to attract new players to the platform.

Since the majority of bonuses offered in casinos require deposits or some gambling activity from players, no deposit offers look very attractive because the only condition to be met is registering a casino account.

As a result, a player receives an opportunity to gamble and win cash prizes without spending anything from their account balance. Such offers are made only by no deposit bonus casinos and come in several variations, so let’s discover what no deposit bonuses shouldn’t be overlooked.

No Deposit Bonus Definition and Features

A bonus that gives players the opportunity to play real-money casino games without spending funds from their casino balance and get cash rewards is called a no deposit bonus. This bonus type is highly appreciated by players, but not all casinos agree to add it to their promotions. What makes it so appealing for players and so unwanted for operators? These are its main characteristics and features.

  • It prevents players from risking their own money;
  • It allows exploring new games and strategies;
  • Casinos may generate more leads and acquire new customers;
  • Operators should share some percentage of revenue with their players to cover this bonus offer;
  • Users need to perform a minimum of steps to get this bonus;
  • No deposit bonuses have rather strict wagering requirements and limits.

Both players and operators can benefit from no deposit bonuses. However, you should also consider the potential disadvantages that come with this bonus type. These disadvantages make no deposit bonuses less common compared to other types.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

Despite falling under a single general category, no deposit bonuses are differentiated by type. Players who haven’t yet tried gambling without risking their money should understand what to expect when claiming a bonus.

Cash No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus can be represented by an amount of bonus money or credits that give players an opportunity to gamble and win real rewards. At least 13% of online casinos choose not to offer this type of bonus to players because it can lead to losses for the casino. However, there are enough gambling sites that offer bonuses ranging from $5 to $30, allowing players to enjoy games by spending this money.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Free spins are the most popular no deposit offer available in modern online casinos. Over 36% of gambling sites give players an opportunity to spin the reels of a specific slot machine for free. This bonus type can be combined with a previous offer to suggest a hybrid no deposit bonus, but it isn’t very common.

Bonus spins are usually given to new members or to try a new slot game added to the catalog. The number of free spins usually ranges from 5 to 50, offering multiple opportunities to become a winner. Naturally, wagering requirements are applied to this bonus too.

Free Play No Deposit Bonus

Another bonus type is free play time given to players to make the most of gambling. Though they aren’t given money, gamblers can wager special chips or credits within a specific period of time that can be later converted into cash or bonus money.

Online casinos that offer this bonus tend to give from 20 minutes up to 1 hour of free gambling to their customers. Most often, they have a cap on the winnings amount and limit the maximum bet size to prevent really high rewards.

Reload No Deposit Bonus

Regular casino players who have already taken advantage of the welcome offer and continue to gamble in an online casino can get no deposit bonuses for their ongoing activity. Some casinos offer bonus money in the form of cashback to recover previous losses. Other platforms encourage players to complete certain tasks, like depositing a specific amount on a specific day, and later give them a bonus as a reward. The most popular types of reload bonuses are given on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as being a part of the loyalty program.

No Wagering No Deposit Bonus

There are rare occasions when casinos give free spins, short free play periods, or a small amount of bonus funds without applying any wagering requirements to them. It doesn’t limit players from withdrawing funds when they win with the help of this bonus. However, it is natural that casinos set winning caps and limit players in bet amounts and time of playing.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

This is the most popular type of no deposit bonus offered in online casinos. A vast majority of sites that offer gamblers this lucrative bonus do that to attract new players. Therefore, they make this bonus a part of a special welcome offer only for newly registered users. Such welcome bonuses have been introduced to hook up players and make them stay in online casinos for a longer period of time.


Many players know about the existence of no deposit bonuses and their advantages, but the fact that they come in so many types may be a discovery even for them. This means that you should make a careful choice of a no deposit bonus, considering not only wagering requirements but also its type. It will help to make the most of the bonus and enjoy gambling to a much higher degree.