Horner on his way to Bahrain despite investigation

Horner on his way to Bahrain despite investigation

Horner on his way to Bahrain despite investigation

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner is on a plane travelling to Bahrain for the 2024 Formula 1 season opener, despite Red Bull not announcing the results of the investigation into his alleged “inappropriate behavior”.

Horner has been under investigation by Red Bull, the energy drinks company that own Red Bull Racing which he runs as Team Principal and CEO, for alleged “inappropriate behavior” towards a female colleague.

Needless to say, the story has been in the headlines ever since it broke, with further reports labeling the alleged behavior as “aggressive and controlling”. Additional reports later revealed that the indiscretions are of sexual nature.

Horner had staunchly denied the rumors and went on his job as Red Bull Racing TP normally, insisting that is is “business as usual” for him despite the investigation process which he acknowledged and respected.

He attended the launch of the RB20, Red Bull’s 2020 F1 car and was in Bahrain for the three days of pre-season testing last week, where the RB20, in the hands of Max Verstappen, seemed to be the car to beat for another season in a row.

While Formula One Management have urged Red Bull to concluded the investigation quickly, some Ford – Red Bull’s 2026 engine partners – also echoed demanding transparency, it was reported that the Austrian company was intending to reveal the results ahead of the season opener in Bahrain.

However, it was now revealed that Horner – yet to know his fate – is on his way to Bahrain even before the results of the investigation – performed by an independent investigator – have been revealed.

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Sky Sports F1‘s Craig Slater reported from Bahrain on Wednesday: “What I can reveal is that Christian Horner is on a plane and is flying over to Bahrain now. He’s on his way here. What I can also tell you and I know this for a fact he doesn’t know the outcome of this investigation into allegations of inappropriate behaviour made by Horner, by a female member of staff.

“He’s come here without knowing how this has been resolved one way or the other. It’s I suppose a continuation of him saying ‘business as usual’ that he denies the allegations and he wants to continue with his job.

“He should arrive here this evening. Will we get an outcome this evening? I have been reporting consistently that my understanding was we would get something before the start of the season,” Slater maintained.

He added: “I reported Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, we didn’t get anything yesterday. Will we get something this evening? I think if we do it may well be after all of the driver media engagements are conducted.

“Whether that may be deliberate to avoid having all of those individuals have to react to the Horner news – but let’s see. It’s not inconceivable as this has gone on and on, indeed, many F1 stakeholders and leadership figures think it has dragged on too long.

“Consistently Red Bull have said it will take as long as it takes. Could it go on until tomorrow? Potentially. My understanding was Tuesday or Wednesday so let’s see if we get some kind of resolution tonight,” Slater concluded.

Speculations have been rife regarding the Horner debacle, from it being a result of a power struggle between Milton Keynes and Salzburg, a rift between the Briton and the Verstappen camp, and even a power struggle with Red Bull consultant Dr. Helmut Marko.

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