red bull rb20 verstappen f1 car

2024 Formula 1: Red Bull RB20… Wow!

red bull rb20 verstappen f1 car

Red Bull became the final Formula 1 team to launch their 2024 challenger in an online event at the team’s Technology Campus in Milton Keynes.

The World Champions will look to defend their title in 2024 with the same weapons, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez who carry on for another season the former looking to defend his F1 Drivers’ Crown and add a fourth consecutive title to his resume.

The RB20, which was leaked in spy photos during a filming run at Silverstone ahead of its official reveal, is the most anticipated F1 car of the 2024 season, as it succeeds the all-conquering RB19 that won 21 out of 22 races in 2023, so will Red Bull and Adrian Newey deliver an even faster car this season?

Yes, the 2024 RBR is Blue! Much like all its predecessors dating back to 2005. However, notably the RB20 is “aggressively” different from last year’s almighty RB19 which impressed Verstappen. At first sight, it’s far more than an evolution of last year’s car.

Penned by Adrian Newey and His design team at Milton Keynes, the RB20 has a tough act to follow, as the RB19 romped to 21 out of 22 Grand Prix victories last year, Verstappen claiming 19 of those.

Verstappen: I’m just looking forward to get to Bahrain

red bull rb20 launch f1 car 2024

When the covers came off the #1 Red Bull car used at the launch, the team’s triple F1 World Champion said: “It does look a bit different. I think the team definitely pushed on quite a bit from last year and that’s very positive. I’m just looking forward to get to Bahrain, start testing and really see what the car is capable of.”

The RB20 will only be run in anger during Bahrain testing next week from 21-23 February. Today, after its launch, the new car’s shakedown was conducted at a soggy Silverstone Circuit.

Verstappen explained: “Unfortunately it was quite wet so you’re only driving on rain tyres, but everything was working very well and I think that’s always great. You drive out of the box and there are no problems and you just do what you have to do before you get to Bahrain.”

However, the World Champ was impressed with the work done over the winter by his team: “I do like what the team has done. It’s not a conservative car. It’s not like, ‘last year was a great car, we’ll just add a few bits and try to make it a little bit faster’.

“I do think they’ve been quite bold and that’s what I like. They’ve been quite aggressive. Everyone is very positive, everyone is very motivated and I’m just very excited to learn more about the car,” said Max.

Perez: It will be interesting to see how everything feels on track

Max Verstappen and Checo Perez sit together.

Enthused by what he saw, Checo added: “You can see that the team has done an incredible job. We’ve gone very aggressive with the concept, so I’m looking forward to it.

“I find it great from Red Bull that we had such a dominant car last year, that we just changed completely our concept. It’s something that I think requires a lot of hunger in the team, to keep pushing all the boundaries. [It] will be interesting to see how everything feels on track,” reckoned the Mexican.

Earlier both Verstappen and Perez revealed their new helmets for the new season which will be their fourth together as teammates.

Perez will be looking to deliver consistent performances in 2024, try to get closer to his teammate especially in qualifying in a bid to keep his seat with the team in 2025, as his contract expires at the end of this upcoming season.

The Mexican won two races in 2023 in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan, but dropped off after that as Verstappen got into his stride and utterly dominated the rest of the season with Singapore an exception with Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz winning that race.

And while the launch event should be an exciting time for Red Bull, the fact that their boss Christian Horner is under investigation for alleged “inappropriate behavior” will cast a shadow on the launch.