Red Bull RB20 leaked in Spy images

Red Bull RB20 leaked in Spy images

Red Bull RB20 leaked in Spy images

The highly anticipated RB20, Red Bull Racing’s 2024 Formula 1 car, has been leaked after spy images of the car on a shakedown in Silverstone emerged.

The RB20 is scheduled to be officially unveiled to the world on Thursday, February 15, but images of the new car have been all over social media following an early run at Silverstone.

The run seemed part of a filming day where the RB20 was filmed along the team’s first F1 car, the RB1.

The RB20 will succeed the all conquering RB19 that won 21 out of 22 races back in 2023, 19 with Max Verstappen and 2 with Sergio Perez, Carlos Sainz bagging a solitary non-Red Bull win at the Singapore Grand Prix for Ferrari.

With the huge success of the RB19, Red Bull’s ability to extract more performance was under doubt as the ground effect regulations enter their third year.

The images, while not clear, show some interesting developments with the engine cover of the RB20, adopting a Mercedes-like design for the gulleys that run down the full length of the cover.

Despite the changes, the RB20 is an evolution of the concept that Red Bull deputed in 2022 as a response to the ground effect rules, something the team’s design guru Adrian Newey assured in an episode of the Talking Bulls.

“Our car, it’s very much a third evolution of the 22 car,” Newey said. “Last year’s car was an evolution of ’22 in its main points being of course, the normal winter development in terms of aerodynamics, some understanding on what we needed to do with suspension to try to improve the car as well, and getting weight out of it, because we never got down to the weight limit in ’22.

“This year’s car is the third evolution of that original RB18. What we don’t know, of course, is the third evolution too conservative, while others have done something different? You just don’t know,” he added.

While Red Bull are gearing up to the launch event of the RB20 and subsequently their 2024 F1 Title-defending campaign, the team’s plans are overshadowed by the investigation launched on their boss Christian Horner.

Horner is being accused of inappropriate behavior towards a female employee, with Red Bull (the mother company) launching an internal investigation which is still ongoing.