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NewsDesk Unplugged | Hamilton to Ferrari: It is Official

In the episode of NewsDesk Unplugged, GRANDPRIX247 editorial duo Paul Velasco & Jad Mallak discuss the Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari news that detonated the current Formula 1 narrative, as the sport’s most famous team and one of the greatest drivers of this era unite in 2025.

Paul & Jad have already reacted to the news from Maranello in an earlier video. Now with more facts, information and much thinking, they discuss the matter in this episode.

This won’t be the last of Hamilton-Ferrari-related videos as this move took the F1 world (barring the perpetrators) by surprise and triggered a myriad of questions in the process as the sport braces for the longest Silly Season in history!

It began publically on Thursday, 1 February 2024when the Hamilton divorce from Mercedes was announced, and not long after Ferrari confirmed they had their man: Lewis Hamilton would finally drive for Ferrari, teammate to Charles Leclerc.

So many questions were triggered by the news: What about Carlos Sainz? Who will Mercedes get to fill Hamilton’s big shoes? What does this mean for F1? And what do Tifosi think? Is this the biggest F1 news of the century? Why announce it a year before it happens?

Watch Paul & Jad’s first reaction video to the Ferrari-Hamilton blockbuster in the episode of Newsdesk Unplugged vlog where it’s dubbed”The F1 News of the Century!”