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NewsDesk Unplugged | Hamilton to Ferrari F1 News of the Century

NewsDesk Unplugged reacted to blockbuster news that Lewis Hamilton was to ditch Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025 (which was later confirmed by both teams) after this video was made.

GRANDPRIX247 Editorial duo Paul Velasco & Jad Mallak first reaction to what must rank as Formula 1 News of the Century. 1 February 2024, the day F1 changed! And no one, absolutely no one saw it coming!

The seven-time Formula 1 Champion has recently inked a deal that will see him race for Mercedes in 2024 and 2025, but it seems he has an exit clause that would allow him to leave after one season.

The links between Hamilton and Ferrari are not new, but according to the report, this time they should be taken seriously.

With Charles Leclerc locked in with Ferrari for 2026 and beyond, while Carlos Sainz’s fate with the Scuderia up in the air, it seems the House of Maranello are targeting a Hamilton/Leclerc lineup in 2025.

The video has been available on our GRANDPRIX247 YouTube Channel since Thursday for you to watch.