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NewsDesk Unplugged: McLaren question Red Bull’s two F1 teams

In the latest edition of NewsDesk Unplugged, Paul Velasco and Jad Mallak discuss the hornet’s nest that McLaren CEO Zak Brown just kicked.

The McLaren man is not happy with Red Bull fielding two Formula 1 teams in the form of the A-Team where Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez do their business and their junior B-Team aka AlphaTauri aka Tor Rosso (to be renamed again this year). Basically, a four-car team split in half.

But is McLaren not guilty of being something of a Mercedes ‘satellite’ team because they pay for the Tristar badged Power Units and will do so until 2030 at least?

What about the Haas F1 team’s entry into F1 as a Ferrari-cloned team? And even now the Haas cars are Ferrari knock-offs and they don’t deny it. Remember the Pink Mercedes? Etc etc.

In the end, there are four real independent teams in F1: Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and Alpine, the quartet of current generation PU-suppliers to the other six teams. Between them they have done the bulk of the winning, with a couple of anomalies over the past two decades.

As McLaren heads up the pecking order, Brown is set on addressing the wrongs of a lopsided playing field that F1 has been. To win the F1 title again he knows that the unfair advantage held by the Big 3 (or Big 4 if you count Alpines) has to be eliminated. One team disguised as two constitutes an unfair advantage at the expense of the other eight teams.

Imagine: Red Bulls first, second, third, fourth

NewsDesk Unplugged: McLaren and Brown question Red Bull's two F1 teams

McLaren-Brown vs RBR is the issue that Jad and Paul tackle in the latest episode of our new vlog project. They had plenty to say as usual.

Jad: “It’s a tricky one to deal with. And it seems it’s kind of Zak’s New Year’s resolution this topic. He touched on it in his annual letter to the fans, which he writes every year on the McLaren website. He talked about it. And he said and other sports. No one owner is allowed to have two teams.

“It was it’s clearly he’s clearly taking a job at Red Bull and AlphaTauri. And but this is the question. I mean, why? Why is he talking about Redbull and AlphaTauri itself? And can we make sure that Zak Brown himself is independent, at end of the day, he is buying his power units from Mercedes. And he’s not gonna make them upset.

Paul: “I imagine this year’s scenario: Red Bull RB20 and Max Verstappen are going to be a bullet. Sergio Perez gets his act together, one, two. Then they run the awesome RB19 (2023 RBR car) for AlphaTauri or whatever they will be called. In other words, Red Bulls first, second, third, fourth! Wow, can you imagine that scenario?”

Hear a lot more about what the GRANDPRIX247 editorial duo have to say on the matter: Zak Brown vs Red Bull Racing!

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NewsDesk Unplugged: McLaren question Red Bull's two F1 teams