perez red bull RB19 undertray floor skirt upskirt

GrandPrix247 2023 Car of the Year: The Red Bull RB19

perez red bull RB19 undertray floor skirt upskirt

The Red Bull RB19 had some big shoes to fill, taking over from the RB18, but it proved to be even more dominant than its predecessor, the most potent combo with Max Verstappen in Formula 1 history.

Red Bull turned up to the 2022 F1 season, the first under the new “ground effect” regulations with the RB18, another brainchild of legendary designer Adrian Newey, and while Mercedes went radical with their “Zeropod” concept and Ferrari as well with their distinctive sidepod design, as it turned out, the Red Bull concept was on the money.

Red Bull won 17 races in 2022, 15 for Verstappen and 2 for Sergio Perez, which made it outlandish to believe they could do better in 2023.

But Newey and Co had other plans, as the RB19 took dominance to another level, in the hands of Verstappen that is and while Perez won two races and one Sprint Race, Verstappen won 19 grands prix and five Sprints.

Red Bull only missed out on winning the Singapore Grand Prix

Red Bull's RB19 gets a makeover for Unites States Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz won that night at Marina Bay Circuit, while Oscar Piastri snatched the win at the Sprint Race in Qatar. The only two anomalies in an otherwise true Blue season.

While Aston Martin, McLaren, Ferrari, and Mercedes took turns trying to challenge Red Bull, there was always one given… The RB19 was the fastest car out there while the second fastest machine changed from race to race.

Moreover, there was a feeling that Red Bull did not push their 2023 F1 machine, as they always seemed to have more pace in reserve, and while they stopped the RB19’s development by August, it remained the car to beat with Verstappen winning in Abu Dhabi’s season finale by 17s.

The blemish in the RB19’s record had to be the Singapore Grand Prix, where it seemed reluctant to go around the Marina Bay Circuit, but in the end, no car is perfect, it is not physically possible and here we are not looking for the perfect F1 car of 2023, we are looking for the best.

And that is without any doubt, the RB19.

Will the RB20 be any better? Christian Horner joked that with the Singapore win slipping from Red Bull’s hands, there is always room for improvement. Was he only joking or hinting at what Newey is concocting for 2024?