Sauber F1 name change surprise on 10 December

As Alfa Romeo say arriverdeci, Sauber is set to change name for next season, until Audi comes on board in 2026, and it could be a surprise according to the team’s acting boss Alessandro Alunni Bravi.

The team’s deal to race as Stellantis-brand Alfa Romeo, after previously competing as Sauber, ended this year and they will become the Audi factory operation.

“In Formula 1 the team name is also depending on the commercial partnership,” Alunni Bravi said at the Autosport Awards event on Sunday night. “On the 10th of December, as soon as the FIA publishes the entry list we will of course announce a new team name. I think it will be a surprise.


“We cannot wait to start the partnership with our new partners, we will have I think a really fresh approach in terms of communication, and marketing, and we will do the launch of the car here in the UK,” he revealed.

Alunni Bravi said at last month’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that no Audi branding would be on the car before 2026: “It’s not a limbo period, we build our future here and now, it’s not that there is a separation between the Sauber period and the Audi period

“We are working since the beginning of the year with our group CEO Andreas Seidl for this transformation process,” he said on Sunday.

Alfa Romeo ended the season ninth of the 10 teams and Alunni-Bravi recognised a big step was needed to be fighting in the top five, while expectations would also have to be managed.

“The entry of Audi in Formula 1 as of 2026 is big news for the entire F1 community, not just important for Sauber to be chosen as a strategic partner. I think all Formula 1 will benefit from this,” added Alunni Bravi. (Reporting by Alan Baldwin)