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Leclerc: Contract talks not the priority at the moment

Leclerc: Contract talks not the priority at the moment

Leclerc: Contract talks not the priority at the moment

Charles Leclerc believes contract talks with Ferrari are not his or his team’s priority at the moment, as the Scuderia endures another subpar Formula 1 season in 2023.

Leclerc is on his fifth season with Ferrari, and his current contract runs until the end of the 2024 F1 season, but his future with the team has been the subject of speculation recently as the Maranello outfit remain unable to achieve a breakthrough in their Title drought that dates back to 2008.

Leclerc has been linked to several F1 teams, but insists that he would like to see his Title mission with Ferrari through, despite admitting thinking about other options.

“I think every driver has considered their different options, once they get the [possibility],” he told

“But I have a huge love of Ferrari. And my first target and my first dream is to become a world champion with Ferrari, more than anything else.

“So, if there’s a slight opportunity for it to happen, I will have no doubt about pushing to stay here at least,” the Monegasque insisted.

Leclerc is aware of the tough situation his team is currently in, but that will not deter him from considering the option of extending his contract with them.

Ferrari feels like home

Leclerc: We are on the back foot

He said: “It is clear, I think for everybody within the team, that we are not happy with the situation we are in today, in that we want to win.

“But I love Ferrari. It feels like home to me. And I cannot say much more because there has been no discussion whatsoever apart from a few jokes here and there.

“I just think it is not probably the priority at the moment: not for me, but neither for the team,” Leclerc revealed. “We are just focusing on what’s really important now.

“It is to be as competitive as quickly as possible again. And then we’ll see. But again, I love Ferrari and it feels like home,” he maintained.

After being Red Bull’s main competitor in 2022. Ferrari have dropped back in 2023 and now have to deal with Mercedes, Aston Martin and McLaren as they fight for best-of-the-rest status behind the Bulls.

“I think the realistic target, at least [the one] we want to fix ourselves, is to be the strongest team after Red Bull and to close the gap to Red Bull,” Leclerc reckoned. “Then, for 2024, there are no doubts that in everybody’s mind the target is to be back on top and fighting Red Bull.

“I believe realistically, and this is only my opinion, that before the end of the year, we won’t be able to catch Red Bull.

“But the target will be at least to be in front of McLaren, Mercedes, and Aston Martin. This will be our target,” Leclerc concluded.

Ever since he became a Ferrari driver, Leclerc has accumulated five grand prix wins, 20 pole positions and 22 podiums.