Alonso: We need to learn this season to be a contender in 2024

Alonso: We need to learn this season to be a contender in 2024

Alonso: We need to learn this season to be a contender in 2024
Fernando Alonso believes Aston Martin need to learn how to be Formula 1 contenders this season, to apply their learnings in 2024 when they may well be so.

Aston Martin have made a quantum leap up the F1 grid in 2023 compared to where they were in 2022, languishing in the lower end of the midfield, but are still quite far from Red Bull despite currently outperforming Ferrari and Mercedes.

And winning in F1 is not only achieved with a fast car, which Aston Martin’s AMR23 is, but requires more than that in terms of car development, trackside operations, strategy, and the list goes on. This is were Aston Martin need to develop and become stronger if they want to achieve that first F1 win, not to mention launching a consistent Title challenge.

Fernando Alonso admits Aston Martin’s success in 2023 was a bit of a surprise for the team, but that also meant they will now have to deliver and keep their momentum going, keeping one eye on the 2024 F1 season when things might get serious.

Aston Martin need to be a top team on all fronts

“I was hoping 2023 to be a learning season and in 2024 maybe to be challenging Ferrari and Mercedes and things like that,” Alonso told the Motorsport network. “But we challenged them in Bahrain in race one so obviously now everything looks more optimistic.”

“Now we have to deliver. This is something we will see very soon,” he added. “From Baku, Imola, Barcelona, the teams will start to bring upgrades to the car and we need to also be a top team in that regard. On-track, but also off-track we need to learn many things throughout this season to be a contender in 2024 hopefully.”

The double F1 Champion revealed that Aston Martin have changed the methods in which they approach an F1 weekend as they are now fighting at the sharp end of the grid with the likes of Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes.

“We approach weekends now looking more to the top teams and that changed our approach a little bit in FP1,” he explained. “It changed our tyre selections for qualifying, the runs you do in qualifying. You don’t really need to get too crazy because you know that you will go through Q1 and Q2.

“Yes, it’s changed a lot and it makes things a little bit easier, so happy with that,” the 41-year-old, chasing his 33rd F1 victory, concluded.

Aston Martin have done well to drag themselves up the grid between 2022 and 2023, but would targeting a Title challenge in 2024 be reaching out too far?