Horner: Vasseur's penalty comments premature

Horner: Vasseur’s penalty comments premature

Horner: Vasseur's penalty comments premature
Christian Horner believes his Ferrari counterpart, Frederic Vasseur’s comments that Red Bull’s cost cap penalty was light, are premature after only three races of the 2023 Formula 1 season.

After being found in breach of the 2021 Formula 1 cost cap back in 2022, Red Bull have been slapped with a $1.7-Million fine, while their wind tunnel time was slashed by 10% for a 12-month period, but that has not stopped the Milton Keynes squad to have a flying start to their 2023 campaign, their RB19 even more dominant that its 2022 predecessor, the RB18 which Max Verstappen steered towards his second F1 Drivers’ Crown.

That has prompted Ferrari Team Principal Fred Vasseur to claim that the penalty Red Bull received was light, the Frenchman going through a tough start to his career at Maranello as the teams endures a terrible season start having scored only 26 points compared to Red Bull’s 123.

Commenting on Vasseur’s statement, Christian Horner told Sky Sports News: “Everybody’s got an opinion and I think everybody’s free to have an opinion.

“The team have done a great job over the winter on limited wind-tunnel time that we’ve had to develop this car, and of course that will have an impact later into the year and on next year.

Still too many races to go….

“So on a snapshot of three races, I think it’s still hugely premature in (terms of) this season, there’s an awful lot of racing still to go,” Horner insisted.

While Mercedes and Ferrari have not been competitive up to now in 2023, they are planning to bring updates for their cars, Mercedes’ being the most anticipated as they plan to ditch their slim sidepods concept.

“There’s a lot of things that can change,” Horner pointed out. “We’re hearing of big updates coming for both Ferrari and Mercedes when we get back to Europe.

“So we’re certainly not taking anything for granted, we’re just focused on ourselves, doing the best job we can within the constraints that we have.

“We’re doing the best that we can with what we’ve got and we know that it’s tough penalty, it’s one that we’re taking on the chin and we’re applying ourselves in the best way that we possibly can,” the Red Bull boss maintained.

Needless to say, Red Bull had a great starting point with their RB18 from last year, but have raised the bar significantly with their RB19, but could their penalty have a long term effect over the course of this year’s 23-race-season?