Vettel: Far more important things than racing in circles

Vettel: Retiring would be easier if Aston Martin wasn’t as good now

Vettel: Far more important things than racing in circles
Sebastian Vettel is adamant he does not regret retiring, but also admits it would’ve been easier had his former team Aston Martin not been doing so good now.

The four-time Formula 1 Champion called it time on his career in top flight at the end of the 2022 season after two years with Aston Martin.

Needless to say, he did not leave on a high as the highlight of his brief Aston Martin spell was a podium in Baku in 2021, the team’s first under their current moniker, and another in Hungary the same year of which he was stripped for a fuel irregularity on his car.

His final year with Aston Martin started with his getting Covid, missing the first two races of the 2022 F1 season, and finished the year 12th in the Drivers’ Standings.


After Vettel left, Fernando Alonso replaced him at Aston Martin who, for 2023, produced a decent car in the form of their AMR23 that carried Alonso to three podiums in the first three races of the season.

Vettel spoke to Bild about life beyond F1; he said: “I’m currently following it as a spectator – with a lot of insider knowledge of the last few years. I’m interested, of course. It’s always difficult to predict what will happen next year.

“That’s why the joy for the team prevails, of course. I’m pleased that things are going so well. That it will be better than last year was clear, because last year was pretty bad,” he added of Aston Martin’s new-found form.

Retirement decision made regardless of how 2023 could’ve gone

“No matter what scenario takes place now, I made my decision regardless of how it could have gone this year,” the German insisted. “At the moment I’m doing well in my new situation and I’m looking forward to pursuing things that interest me and immersing myself in different topics.

“I’m enjoying time at home with the kids and family. I’m gathering a lot of ideas and drifting before anything more concrete comes out of it,” he revealed.

Asked if there were any regrets, especially that someone else is now enjoying the fruits of his labour with Aston Martin, Vettel responded: “No, I don’t see it that way.

“I have no regrets about stepping down. Of course it would be easier if the car wasn’t quite as good now, but that’s where the joy really outweighs the regret.

“Also for him [Alonso]. He had a few years where he didn’t have a good car and so maybe he’s having a second spring,” the former Ferrari and Red Bull driver said of his successor at Aston Martin.

Vettel left F1 winning four consecutive Title with Red Bull between 2010 and 2013, he accumulated 53 wins and 57 poles positions over the course of his career that spanned 16 years in the pinnacle of motorsport.