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Data Dudes: All F1 races scored with modern era points

Data Dudes made a fantasy time-lapse review of every single Formula 1 championship point scored by drivers but applying the points system of the modern era.

They use a modern-era system to score every single Grand Prix from the first Grand Prix, Britain 1950 until the 1079the Grand Prix – Abu Dhabi 2022.

So… how exactly have Data Dudes scored each Grand Prix? This is what they say:

“We have given the top 10 classified finishes in each race the following points for first place to tenth place: 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1. Any races were less than 75% of the full distance was completed, we award half points.

“We also give the driver who has the officially recorded fastest lap an extra point but only if they finish the race classified within the top 10. Therefore, this can be more or less considered the ruleset from the 2021 season.

Lewis Hamilton has scored more points than any other F1 driver

lewis HamiltonData Dudes pointed out some exclusions: “We do not apply F1 sprint race results, nor do we award things like double points to special races as seen in Abu Dhabi 2014.

“Our intention is to try and apply the easiest-to-understand ruleset whilst removing any advantages gained by one-off rule changes, exceptions or recent additions.

“In short: a more even playing field with regards to F1 scoring at least. In the cases where podium steps or finishing positions are shared, we simply give both drivers the points, rather than trying to cope with fractional points, or assigning the points on “merit”.

“We understand there a lot of other ways to apply these rules, but we are trying to keep things as straightforward as possible.”

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