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GrandPrix247 2022 best looking car of the Year: Ferrari F1-75

GrandPrix247 2022 Best Looking Car of the Year: Ferrari F1-75

GrandPrix247 2022 best looking car of the Year: Ferrari F1-75

It’s awards season! The time of year when we at GrandPrix247 look back on the 2022 Formula 1 season and choose who gets one of our awards. Our best-looking car of the year? Ferrari’s F1-75.

A look at the photo above and there is no need to explain why the Ferrari F1-75 is GrandPrix247’s Best Looking Car of the year award.

Look at it and those sidepods, the F1-75 is a work of art not only an F1 car, and the red and black livery, reminiscent of mid-eighties to early-nineties Ferrari single-seaters, just makes the whole thing a sight to behold.

And to make things even better, the F1-75 started its life as a seriously fast car, arguably the fastest on the grid, that is until Red Bull’s RB18 caught up with it, but on one lap pace, the F1-75 remained the car to beat, giving Ferrari 12 pole positions in 2022, while Red Bull’s RB18 was on pole eight times.

A departure from previous Ferrari single seater

ferrari F1-75 collage

The F1-75 was a vast improvement from its predecessors that had questionable liveries and shades of red, not to mention the way they looked, with their bulky noses, a design philosophy Ferrari followed for some time, as opposed to Mercedes’ slim-nose approach.

One can thank Formula 1 for the new regulations that meant the cars had a cleaner, simpler look, but Ferrari elevated their F1-75 with its distinctive sidepod design and choice of the shade of red paint they applied on it, along with the black front and rear wings.

However, it’s a pity the F1-75 did not become a Championship winner, but that’s not its fault. The team messed up strategies and didn’t develop it as Red Bull did with their RB18, so it kept chewing up its tyres in races, while Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz binned it a few times.

So let’s not blame that on the car, the F1-75 looked like a work of art, and let’s hope Ferrari deliver another looker in 2023, and a regular winner of course! (Compiled by Jad Mallak)

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