best esports tournaments

The 5 Best Esports Tournaments in the World!

best esports tournaments

Are you looking for exciting esports events to watch? Then check out these incredible tournaments which feature the best players and massive prize pools!

What are the Best Esports Tournaments in the World?

With so many different esports and events happening every day around the world, keeping up to date with the latest tournaments is not easy! That is why we are breaking down the top 5 esports tournaments on the planet. Also, to view all of these tournaments and access comprehensive esports tournament schedules, head to progamestars.

1. The International

The International is the yearly world championship for Dota 2. This tournament is famous for having the biggest prize pool in all of esports. The International 2021 had a prize pool of $40 million. This event attracts the most elite Dota 2 teams on the planet who battle in front of a live sell-out crowd.

Dota 2 is an incredibly exciting 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena game where players select a hero and then fight the enemy in a bid to destroy their base. The game features fast-paced action and complex strategy, which makes it an enthralling viewing experience!

2. League of Legends World Championships

Every year the League of Legends World Championships take place, and you get to find out who the best LoL team on the planet is. League of Legends is the most popular esport in the world thanks to its amazing short, exciting games, unique character skill sets, and that it’s easy to understand the rules.

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship had a prize pool of over $2 million and featured 22 super-talented teams. Almost 100 million people tuned in to the event, and they weren’t left disappointed as the final was an amazing battle between EDward Gaming and DAMWON Gaming.

3. CSGO Major Championships

Every year CSGO’s developer Valve sponsors a number of massive tournaments which are hosted around the world and feature a prize pool of at least $1 million. Majors are the most elite CSGO tournaments in the world and always feature the most talented players and teams, including FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Cloud9, and Team Liquid.

The PGL Major Antwerp was the first Major of the year and saw FaZe Clan win a super exciting final against Natus Vincere. The second Major of 2022, the Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major, is currently underway and will finish on the 13th of November.

4. FIFAe World Cup

EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Global Series: Home Page

The FIFAe World Cup is the world championship for the super popular football simulation game by EA, FIFA. This event takes place every year and is considered the most elite FIFA tournament in the world.

The 2022 FIFAe World Cup went down in Copenhagen and featured a $500,000 prize pool and 32 world-class players. Ultimately Umut from Germany won the crown after defeating the highly rated Argentinian nicolas99fc.

5. Overwatch League Playoffs

Overwatch is a first-person hero shooter similar to Valorant. This awesome esport boasts one of the most competitive leagues in the world, known as the Overwatch League. At The end of the yearly season, the top teams from the group stage battle it out in the playoffs. Only 12 teams make it to the playoffs, and the winners walk away with $1 million in cash!

The cool thing about the Overwatch League is that it is international, and teams represent different cities, just like a traditional sports league. You can cheer for the Shanghai Dragons, the London Spitfire, or 18 other city-based teams from France, the UK, the USA, Canada, China, and South Korea.

Final Thoughts

There are now so many amazing esports tournaments to watch, so it was hard narrowing down our list to just 5. If you are new to esports, you will have an amazing time watching any of the events we listed above!

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