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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A 2022 F1 Car?

Haas: Cost of Schumacher's crash could be $1-Million

Are you an avid fan of Formula One racing? Among the many questions about the sport, one is the upfront cost of what it takes to repair a car if it gets damaged during the race.

F1 cars are expensive. So, expect a hefty price on repair and maintenance too.

Furthermore, because the Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) has changed the designs of F1 cars, all teams must follow the new rules this season. These changes and compliance mean additional expenses for teams when designing and repairing their 2022 F1 cars.


Whether you’re an avid racing fan, into car restoration, or an auto repair business marketing, you can benefit from knowing the repair cost of a 2022 F1 car. This way, you can expertly explain pricing to your acquaintances and clients.

So, read on to boost your F1 knowledge and learn how much repairing a 2022 F1 car costs!

F1 Front And Rear Wings

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The front wings are a vital part of 2022 F1 cars. They hit the airflow, shaping an car’s aerodynamics. You might be wondering why front wings have steep angles. This front wing design helps direct the air atop and over the vehicle’s body. Furthermore, the endplates direct the airflow around the wheels seamlessly.

Meanwhile, rear wings are located highest part at the back of F1 cars, commonly used for advertising sports brands. But rear wings aren’t only designed to impress fans and advertisers. These parts are critical in providing downforce and reducing turbulence and drag for superior balance and stability.

Replacing or constructing new front and rear wings costs almost USD$150,000 each. This is so because rear wings must meet a set rigidity. This way, they won’t bend or flex during the race, giving the F1 car excellent speed on straights.

F1 Engine Cost

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F1 teams want to have the best engine for their racing cars. They’re willing to pay the highest price to ensure optimal engine performance and win the race. The average Power Unit cost for a car is about USD$7.5 million.

According to, world F1 constructors’ are allowed to spend 70% of their total allowance in 2022 for aerodynamic development, which was previously 90% in 2021. This cross-cutting was mutually agreed upon by F1 teams in 2020 to help ride out the COVID-19 pandemic. And this rules package helps reduce engine costs for teams.

However, the war in Ukraine and other unexpected events have made the F1 Commission decide to increase 3.1% from the previous limit. Top teams said it’s impossible to stay within the budget cap with the soaring inflation. Moreover, because of high inflation, engine cost is also affected. Hence, teams must allocate more budget for an engine wreck higher than the expected average.


The transmission reduces the gear shift timing, which costs USD$200,000 to USD$250,000 to repair. F1 cars have one reverse gear and eight forward gears. Before making transmission changes, teams must follow some rules. For one, F1 drivers must utilize the same transmission gearbox in six consecutive events (for their final practice, qualifying event, and race). Otherwise, drivers will obtain a five-place grid penalty. A gearbox repair costs about USD$354,000.

F1 Steering Wheel

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Formula 1 teams don’t want to compromise a race because of a cheap-quality or malfunctioning steering wheel. Therefore, they’re willing to allocate a big repair budget for this crucial car part, which costs around USD$75,000 to USD$90,000.

Suspension System

An F1 suspension’s primary job is to maximize the tire’s road contact patch to attain optimal mechanical grip. Hence, it’s relatively similar to regular cars. But how much does a suspension repair cost?

The high material and labor costs required to build a suspension system make it one of the most expensive components of a 2022 car. When it comes to the repair and replacement cost, the hydraulic system for an F1 car costs around USD$200,000.

While F1 teams want to comply with new rules, they also face problems with other aspects aside from spending on developments within the limit. For one, the 2022 Formula 1 faces remarkable technical draft changes. One of these changes includes embracing 18-inch tires, which look sleeker. However, this change poses many challenges for F1 drivers and teams.

Tires play a critical role in the suspension system. Therefore, the new lower and narrower tires can affect the F1 car’s performance level. As a result, the sidewalls become stiffer, reducing tire compliance and ride quality. The new tires have higher inflation pressures that compromise the grip and negatively affect load transmission.


You probably realize that repairing an F1 car after a crash is a million-dollar expense. Each part that needs repair and replacement can cost thousands of dollars. A damaged engine after a race can already cost millions of dollars. Even the tiniest component of a 2022 F1 car is costly and requires compliance with rules and regulations.