Brundle: Alonso's Hamilton inaccurate and unfair

Brundle: Alonso’s Hamilton comments inaccurate and unfair

Brundle: Alonso's Hamilton inaccurate and unfair
Martin Brundle believes Fernando Alonso’s comments that Lewis Hamilton only knows how to drive from the front of the grid are inaccurate and unfair.

Mercedes had a tough weekend at the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix as their W13 was simply woeful around Spa Francorchamps, 1.8s off the pace in Lewis Hamilton’s hands.

The Briton’s race went south on the first lap after his contact with Alonso, for which the Spaniard blasted him as an “idiot” claiming the seven-time Formula 1 Champion only knows how to drive from the front of the grid.

Martin Brundle dissected Mercedes’ race in Belgium in his Sky Sports’ F1 column, and believes Alonso’s comments on his former McLaren teammate were unfair.

“Mercedes just couldn’t switch their tyres on in qualifying but would undoubtedly be better in a warm dry race,” Brundle said.

“Lewis Hamilton didn’t get a chance to find out because of a rare error into the Les Combes chicane when he simply pinched into the side of Fernando Alonso whilst trying to go around the outside, and flying through the air.

Hamilton one of the fairest and cleanest drivers

“Lewis said he couldn’t see Fernando in his blind spot but frankly he was bound to be there somewhere, and the Spaniard tried his best to stay to the inside and give space,” Brundle explained. “Lewis saw the footage and immediately put his hand up and correctly accepted full responsibility.”

The former F1 driver understands that Alonso’s comments might have come in the heat of the moment, but still felt were unsuitable.

He said: “Fernando’s radio comments, albeit fuelled by anger and adrenaline, about Lewis only being able to win from the front were in my opinion wholly inaccurate and unfair.

“Lewis is one of the fairest and cleanest drivers in the history of F1, he hasn’t needed to resort to too many professional fouls given his relentless speed, and just cast your mind back to Brazil last year to remember how he can scythe through the field. Twice.

“That error of judgement will have caught Lewis’s attention…” the F1 pundit pointed out.