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Andretti: F1 is a European Club swimming with sharks

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After being all but snubbed by most Formula 1 team bosses, Michael Andretti is adamant to become the 11th team at the pinnacle of the sport which he likens to a Euro Club infested by sharks!

Micahel and Mario Andretti are icons of motorsport not only in the USA but also globally, their achievements as drivers and team owners are legendary. Icons of motorsport.

Yet getting their F1 entry, amid the boom in the sport in the USA, approved and is proving to be cumbersome, unwelcoming and frustrating.

Credit to Andrettis for initially lobbying F1 team bosses individually at the Miami Grand Prix, but they were stonewalled which prompted Michael to ramp up the criticism by fighting fire with fire, as he did in an interview in GQ published earlier this month, shedding light on how the F1 project is developing amid the resistance from the F1 paddock establishment.

59-year-old Michael Andretti, who raced in F1 with McLaren in 1993, said: “It was a definite European club and I’m getting the feeling it’s still the European club, the way we’re being treated. Because we would be a threat. The first real international team.”

Michael: It’s a very snobbish approach Formula 1 are taking

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“Ultimately, we’re going to bring more value than we’re going to take away,” reasoned Michael, in the wake of Mercedes boss Toto Wolff questioning what value they would bring to the F1 table.

“He’s using that as an excuse but you can tell he’s looking at it and thinking, I’m gonna have one less vote. It’s gonna be one more vote against me, that’s the way he’s thinking about it.”

Meanwhile, Andretti Global (the F1 project) will be based in Indianapolis with work in progress on building the team, hiring staff, even before the entry is confirmed by the F1 and the FIA.

Hence Michael is positive, albeit very wary, about the Andretti Global bid: “I’m still real confident we can make 2024 work.. I pretty much knew what we were getting into here.

“You’re swimming with the sharks. So, you better make sure you have your harpoon on you. I’m not naive about that. I was naive maybe when I went into it back when I was a driver, but probably because of that experience I’m not naive now.

“Everybody’s got their knife, and they’re ready to stab you in the back,” added Andretti, whose Andretti Autosport organisation is one of the most active racing teams in the world, with interests beyond the USA and in multiple disciples from Indycar to Formula E and Australian Supercars.