Inside Line: Nelson Piquet very stupid and disrespectful

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Nelson Piquet triggered a storm of note with ill-judged words during a video interview conducted late last year, reflecting on the clashes between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, in which he called the Briton a “neguinho.”

This is my take on the saga which sadly is sure to mar the forthcoming British Grand Prix at Silverstone:

I was an ardent Ayrton Senna fan, thus for obvious reasons I never fancied Nelson Piquet despite his undisputed greatness as an F1 driver, his character was always one of a scoundrel, a trouble maker, not quite Trailer Park Trash but more like Yacht Club Trash.

For me, Nelson senior will always be remembered as a schemer, a caniver very deliberate in his apparent carefree comments, always laced with a poison tip, such as when he called Nigel Mansell’s wife Roseanne “ugly” and in the height of him being overshadowed by Ayrton Senna, Piquet labelled his fellow Brazilian “gay” – as if its a bad thing! – to stir the pot.

That’s why Nelson may be admired as a great F1 driver but not as a person

senna prost mansell piquet

His loose and piquant jaw, appears to have now caught up with him. His use of the word “neguinho” has lit up the internet as he becomes the social media cesspool’s latest victim, and he has no one to blame but himself.

Again, was there method to his madness when he guested on the video?

Perhaps yes. Piquet, of course, is father of Kelly who hit “Formula 1” fame first as the mother of former F1 driver Daniil Kvyat’s child and now embedded with Max Verstappen. (Are they married? Who cares?)

So Piquet senior saw it fit to have a swipe at Hamilton on the show last year,, where he stupidly uttered those offensive and disrespectful words.

And of course, the Brazilian tapped into his dark arts of word manipulation using “neguinho” in a manner that has triggered huge debate; it’s apparently common Brazilian slang which can be racially offensive, depending on the context it is used in.

So shrewdly, Piquet thought, he left himself a Get Out Of Jail Free card  but he did not count on the social media backlash that has vilified him. When he is that influential, that rich and that out of touch, stupidity is no excuse.

All regular readers know there is zero tolerance for racism on this site. Same rule applies to readers and World Champions.

Not for the first time, Piquet pushed that edge of decency while trash-talking an F1 icon

As a Portuguese speaker I was intrigued by the interview (above) at the 7-8 seconds mark he starts to stutter, his brain in overdrive seeking the name or word, and instead of referring to “Lewis” out came “neguinho” begging the question: An ill-advised faux pas or a carefully planted land-mine?

If the latter, what’s his end game apart from public image suicide for himself and everything he touches?

Which, with his daughters dating race drivers, means they too get tarred and feathered by the same brush, and so on and so on because that’s how the internet works. Ask Max how this uncalled-for shitstorm is not hampering his thoughts ahead of the weekend at Silverstone. It is.

For the life of me, I cannot see Piquet’s endgame, I have to assume we just witnessed the stupidest act of public self-destruction by an F1 World Champion in the history of this sport and, needless to say, from a pure sporting and motorsport perspective his actions are despicable.

He, of all people, should be filled with admiration for what Hamilton has achieved in life and F1, not the bitter resentment which oozes out of the pompous Brazilian as he sat in that chair, during the interview, further destroying his own reputation and legacy.

Disrespecting Lewis Hamilton is also disrespecting Max Verstappen

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By being so disparaging and contemptuous (watch video) regarding one of the greatest drivers of our sport – which Lewis is no matter how you look at it – Piquet is showing huge disrespect not only to Hamilton but also Verstappen, who is only as great as the guys he beats.

And of course, his trash-talking of the seven-time F1 World Champion, accusing Hamilton of “sacanagem” (Portuguese for dirty tricks) was blatantly bringing the sport into disrespect and out of order for one of Piquet’s stature, as it stirs up controversies that are best left shelved.

And for those who thought he was wickedly smart for all these years, we now know Piquet shows scant respect for the sport that made him a legend but, that’s no surprise, because he is the real sacana in this self-induced excrement he finds himself floating in right now.

If this video is his F1 or public-life suicide, then so be it because Piquet has always been his own worst enemy with his jealousy, malice and poison tongue. Those who were around in the day when he was a Big-F1-Deal will know that.

This week Karma came to collect.