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Some may find it strange to compare Formula 1 racing and online gambling, but if you look into the matter in more detail, it is clear that the similarities are more than enough.

Playing online casino games (which, by the way, are gaining more and more popularity, let’s take at least the Irish casinos) and approaching victory, the player feels a rush of adrenaline and a Formula 1 racer feeling the quick finish. Also, good decision-making skills and an extraordinary mind are mandatory in both forms of entertainment.

Formula 1 racers are also human beings, and they like to spend their leisure time on their favorite hobby. There are also gambling enthusiasts among them. However, it is not often that F1 drivers get the opportunity to visit casinos, so many of them take the opportunity to visit online casinos, which have already become super popular. For F-1 drivers, this is a great way to distract themselves from their cars and thoughts about the upcoming or already completed race.

Giancarlo Fisichella

Former Italian racing driver Giancarlo Fisichella, another Formula 1 legend, plays poker passionately. In Italy, where he is recognized as a public figure and a great sportsman, Fisichella is even an ambassador for poker, often working with major sports-related brands. He is also a spokesman for several interests related to the classic card game and even advises less experienced players.

After years on the race track, Fisichella has now devoted himself to the game of poker. The other racer on our list, Fisichella, has participated in professional tournaments where he has had the opportunity to compete against some of the best poker players in the world.

Jaime Alguersuari

Making history as the youngest Formula 1 driver (record already broken), the Spanish driver Jaime Alguersuari had everything to become the next Fernando Alonso. However, Alguersuari retired from motorsport early and it was somewhat surprising. It was all down to his results. Then he concluded that F1 no longer motivates him and does not meet his expectations. What to do after leaving the exciting world of F1?

Alguersuari has been involved in various activities since he left racing, but online casino games and poker seems to be his priority. As with Fisichella in Italy, Alguersuari is promoting the sport in his homeland, where he works with major poker brands as an ambassador and spokesman.

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Fernando Alonso

It was with regret Formula 1 fan reacted to the news that Spanish racer Fernando Alonso would leave the sporting world at the end of the 2019 season. But that never happened. After nearly two decades at the top level, Alonso has become not only a symbol of Formula 1 but also one of the most famous drivers in the history of Spain.

The Spanish racer has been fastest on the track more than 23 times in his career but recently admitted on his Twitter page that he is into poker. In addition to playing casinos around the world in his spare time, Alonso is also a fanatical poker player, although he mostly plays against friends and participates in family-friendly games.

Robert Kubica

Polish Formula 1 racer Robert Kubica may not be known to most sports fans. Even though he was the only Polish racer to reach the highest level in motorsport, Kubica has never been known for his close attention to his figure.

In 2011, he crashed in a terrible accident that resulted in serious injuries and significantly undermined his ambitions in Formula 1. How did he overcome the difficult moments that followed the accident? By playing poker, of course! Kubica admitted to being a “bad poker player,” but poker may have helped save his life.

Michael Schumacher

Despite all his achievements on the racetrack, Michael Schumacher is a very versatile man. Before the tragedy in 2013, he was fond of skydiving and played soccer. And in his spare time, he did not mind playing poker. Together with his colleagues, the German racer often participated in charity tournaments. “Cigars? Poker? I don’t think it’s a vice,” said the seven-time Formula 1 world champion.

Rubens Barrichello

This famous personality enjoys playing poker, though he tries to do it more often with close friends, because he simply does not have enough time for full-fledged poker, like most world-class racers.

Nico Rosberg

He plays mainly through the Internet, having a mobile version of a famous poker room on one of the best online casino on his phone and the rider allocates a very modest budget to the game, making it just a hobby and a recreational option.

Lewis Hamilton

It seems that victories on F1 tracks were already so easy for the six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton that he decided to look for challenges in another sport.

Hamilton tested himself in poker. Of course, the British player, whose fortune is estimated at more than $300 million, did not start his way with the freerolls. But Lewis took part in a high roller tournament with a buy-in of $10,300, where he had to face the top professionals.

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Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen is considered to be a very calm and unperturbed racer, who accurately calculates the strategy and tactics of the race. For these qualities, he was nicknamed “The Iceman”. Such character traits help the racer win not only on the track but also on various casino platforms, as well as in poker sessions.

Felipe Massa

Since 2005, Massa holds in Brazil the annual charity kart race Desafio Internacional das Estrelas, where he regularly participates and invites various high-profile pilots of the world car and motorsport. Like all of the drivers on this list, Felipe also enjoys playing poker, both online and offline, at land-based casinos And he’s pretty good at it, as he gets invited to play in professional tournaments, which is an indicator of his high level of skill.

Now that there are different poker rooms all over the world, anyone can find himself at the same table with a famous Formula 1 racer. You don’t have to be a VIP to do that. That is the beauty of online poker sites. People from different countries and with different statuses can gather at the same table.

It is important to remember that car pilots at the poker table love to win just as much as on the racetrack, and so it is hard to play with them, even for professional poker players. The more fascinating the tournament, because poker is a real intelligence sport.

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