Coulthard: Keeping up with the Verstappens

We seldom embed Formula 1 videos on this site because the PR machine that runs the sport has decided that they will not allow their YouTube videos to be used on sites other and their own.

It’s short-sighted and stems from the archaic Bernie Ecclestone anti-social media era. However, there are sensible publishers that allow embedding of their content and with it, no doubt viewership figures soar and in this instance, we found this gem of an interview.

Among these are CarNext who sponsor the production.

For this episode, after the epic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Coulthard spent time with the sport’s newest World Champion Max Verstappen and his father Jos in what is a fascinated interview, conducted with class by David and revealing to us even more about the F1 superstar and the father that made him.

While tackling a myriad of subjects, of course, they delve into the emotions the pair experienced as the reality of the F1 world title sunk home at Yas Marina that famous Sunday night and, thereafter, they discuss the journey to the pinnacle as well one of the most dramatic seasons in F1 history.

It’s a long watch but a worthwhile one. Here are a couple of  choice quotes from Coulthard’s interview:

Max: “It was nice that Lewis immediately came to me and said well-done congrats and I said thank you very much for an amazing season. At the end of the day, I think it was an amazing season, whoever won or came second because we did push each other every single race to the limit with ourselves but also the car and the whole team.”

Jos: “I was sitting with Max before he went up to the podium, Anthony [Hamilton] was there and he congratulated us so that was really nice. Also during the season, I had some conversations with him over WhatsApp, he’s really nice. I mean they won seven titles already so it for them is a bit different I think.”