Sophie Kumpen: The angels helped us with Max

Sophie Kumpen: The angels helped us with Max

Sophie Kumpen, Max Verstappen’s mother, watched her son race to his first Formula 1 Title from her home, as she felt the angels helped the 24-year-old win the race.

The 2021 newly crowned F1 Champion is known for his former F1 driver father Jos Verstappen, who has raced from 1994 till 2003, when he retired to focus in his talented son’s career.

But Max has his mother Sophie to thank as well for getting half of his racing genes, as the Belgian was a racer herself, having previously raced in Karting.

Although Kumpen was not on track to watch her son racing the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP, watching the race from her home in Belgium was not any less stressful.

My son is an F1 World Champion

After the race, Kumpen spoke to Belgian newspaper, HLN, about her feelings after her son’s F1 title triumph.

“Only now are we starting to realize it: my son is F1 world champion,” she said. “I screamed and cried.

“Max was a lion because, it must be admitted, Hamilton was the strongest in the race.

“The angels helped us,” the overjoyed mother believed.

She admitted that she had her doubts that Max would win during the race, and before the Safety Car was deployed.

“It didn’t look too good until the end, but then my daughter texted me – ‘Safety car! Call on the angels’. And behold, they helped me.

“I can’t count all the candles I lit this week,” Sophie revealed.

Max called his mother after the race, she said: “I was pleased to hear from him even though he was a bit upset.

“The first thing he asked me? How many times I went to the bathroom during the race,” she joked.

People coming from all over for Max

Kumpen the spoke of the support that her community in Belgium showed for Verstappen, as she was joined by neighbors to watch the race.

“It’s incredible what triggered this success,” she said. “We started following the race together with almost the whole neighborhood.

“People were coming from all over. Belgians and Dutch together, all for Max.

“Something really unique,” the 46-year-old valued.

Kumpen would have loved to be by her son’s side in Abu Dhabi, but his phone call was good enough for her.

“Oh well, it’s nice to get him on the phone, of course you want to grab him, but I’m glad I heard him already,” she said.

Max speaks of family

Verstappen spoke of his family’s efforts, that were all focused towards his F1 career, that were rewarded last Sunday with the Dutchman taking his first F1 Drivers’ Crown.

“I mean my family in general, we are not some people who like to talk about that we always keep it in a bit, he said.

“I can feel that, I could see that, I heard my mum and sister. So of course are away a lot, with the things that have happened. But yeah, it’s a real family effort.”

“They have also had to live for me, because my dad was away a lot, probably cost a marriage and also my sister.

“She missed me, she missed her dad. My dad was always with me so. All of this now brings a lot of rest, that means this means all of this hasn’t been for nothing, and that has been special,” the Red Bull ace mused.

Sophie was worried for a while there

With all the hardships his family and mom have gone through, the 2021 World Champ’s mom had to go through some more agony on Sunday, as she admitted her worry about Mercedes’ protests after the race asking Max: “What do you think they are going to do with that complaint …?”

Well Sophie should now be assured of her son’s Title as Mercedes’ protests were rejected on the same night, and despite the eight-time Constructors’ Champions threatening to appeal, they have later announced that their appeal won’t be lodged.

Verstappen received his F1 World Championship Trophy during the FIA Prize giving Gala last Thursday night in Paris.