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6 Things To Ponder Before Buying Your First Car

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It’s never easy to buy your first car. In fact, it can be a daunting experience as you’ll be bombarded with add-ons, features, choices, price variations, loan details, and insurance.

If you want to choose the right one suited for your needs, you must ponder various things before you finalize your decision. Whether you want something like the original Defender for your adventure trips or a vehicle that’s useful for your everyday transportation with your family, you have many options to choose from.

To get started, below are some of the things you should take into consideration before you invest in your first car:

1. Budget

Unless you have savings or a huge amount of money in the bank, you might need to take out a car loan. It’s wise to keep your car expenses to 20% or less of your take-home pay. To know how much it’ll cost you every month, make sure to use a car loan calculator. If possible, avoid buying an expensive car if you don’t want to stretch your loan.

2. New Or Used

When buying your first car, another thing to ponder about is whether to opt for a new or used vehicle. A new car is always going to be better than a used car. However, the cost is higher. Only a few learner drivers or independent drivers can buy a new car when they start driving because of the cost barrier.

Often, they’ll opt for used cars as they start with their solo driver journey. An example is a Ford F-150 coolant which makes it a popular choice among second hand vehicles.

If you’re one of those who prefer used cars, you can choose cars like the original Defender. To know whether it’s a good fit for you, watching this video can help.

3. Needs

You should keep your driving needs in mind when shopping around for your first car. If you’re going to use a car for your everyday travel to work, a small-sized, economical car is the best choice.

On the other hand, if you’ll regularly use a car for longer journeys, you should opt for a new and bigger car to handle long drives without costing you too much. Never think of getting yourself a sports car unless you have the budget for it.

The usual passenger car is made to simply get you to your destination. But there’s a range of differences between cars available in the market. The differences between the layout of a car model and another may be seen in various dashboard layouts, component availability, and engine design.

Other experienced drivers will recommend a certain model or brand based on their personal preference or experience. Generally, your first car must be something basic to help you understand driving better and to lessen your auto insurance cost as you try to build up your good driving reputation.

4. Think Of The Features You Want

It’s easy to get swayed when you’re introduced to the new whistles and bells. Therefore, ensure that you think of the features you like in your car, and anything extra that may fit within your budget is a bonus. Besides, there’s no point spending more on advanced car features if they’re not something you prioritize for an excellent riding experience.

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5. Maintenance

A preventive maintenance schedule (PMS) is the recommended interval of the car manufacturer when you need to bring your vehicle back to the shop for a change of filters, fluids, and checkup. Typically, the interval will be based on the set distance you’ve run the vehicle for six months.

How much every visit costs, as well as the interval, may vary based on the car model and make, so it’ll be good to research that while deciding which vehicle to purchase. Your dealership may give you an idea of the cost of every visit. They may also provide you with different quotes depending on your car’s mileage.

Consider how far your home is from your work, and you must be able to determine how much you must set aside each payday.

6. Purchasing And Financing Options

When you’ve decided which type of car to purchase, it’s time to think of how you’ll finance it. Fortunately, there are many purchasing and financing options you can choose from, whether you plan to buy a car online or offline. You can get financing through a car dealership or a third party like a credit union or bank.

Since car dealers will tack on additional charges for handling the loan, you may get better terms from a credit union or bank.

Getting preapproved for loans through third-party lenders can also give you the negotiating power to know if the dealer will match the loan terms. However, if you have bad credit – you may need to find a lender who specialises in bad credit car loans.

Final Thoughts

Buying your first car can be a big step in life. It gives you the freedom to embark on road trips and enjoy those few hours or minutes in bed by driving to work instead of catching public transport.

Just always remember not to rush the selection and buying process of your first car. Take your time to ensure that you make a well-informed decision.