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Top Five Formula 1 Movies

F1 movies formula 1 films cinema covers Rush, Senna, Williams, Grand Prix

Formula 1 racing has kept spectators enthralled for generations. Ever since the first F1 car blazed around the racetrack for the first time, we have found ourselves irresistibly drawn to the knife-edge drama of high-speed rivalry.

Who hasn’t fantasized about being behind the wheel of one of those powerful beasts?

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Successful F1 drivers are revered the world over for their bravery as well as their skill, and many of the most successful drivers are also larger-than-life characters off the track. Racing events are synonymous with glamour, danger, and intrigue as brought to you by the casino with no-deposit sign-up bonus.

And team rivalries are the stuff of legends. It’s no surprise, then, that the world of F1 has been immortalized on film in numerous movies and documentaries. With that in mind, we’ve put together our list of the top five F1 films that will definitely make your head spin.

Grand Prix 1966

Grand Prix movie cover 1966

Grand Prix is one of the best-loved F1 racing-themed movies of all time. Grand Prix came out in 1966, but it still holds up as a movie worthy of your time. John Frankenheimer, the director, filmed many of the racing scenes at real F1 race days, which gives the piece an authenticity that only real racing could inspire. The story takes place over the span of an F1 racing season, and it follows the lives of four world-class drivers. Love affairs, tragedy, and intense racing scenes combine to create an intriguing window, albeit fictional, onto the world of F1.

Life on the Limit

life on the limit movie

Life on the Limit is a documentary that focuses on the dangers associated with F1 racing, and how safety measures have slowly evolved and improved over the years. The film features interviews with a wide range of F1 personalities, including Lewis Hamilton, John Surtees, and Bernie Ecclestone. You’ll also get a look at plenty of previously unseen footage of old interviews and thrilling races.


senna movie poster film ayrton

The name Aryton Senna sends a chill down the spine of many a racing fan. His death, in 1994, sent shock waves throughout the racing community, and many questions were raised regarding safety at the track. In the documentary, Senna, we get to witness this legendary race car driver doing what he did best. The film tracks 10 years of Senna’s life (1984 to 1994), and it lays bare the tragedy of that fateful day at the Imola racetrack in 1994. You may already know the story, but this documentary reveals more about the man, and with that knowledge comes a deeper sadness for his loss.


rush movie hunt lauda

Rush is a movie based on the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt during the F1 racing season in 1976. The movie is directed by Ron Howard, and stars Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt, and Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda. Ron Howard does a masterful job recreating the tense and dramatic rivalry that played out between the drivers, and he paints a brutal picture of the aftermath of a terrible crash. Your heart will beat wildly, but you won’t be able to look away.

williams movie claire sir frank


Williams is, perhaps, the most famous name in F1 racing. And the family dynasty behind the name is well-deserving of a turn in the spotlight. This documentary reveals the story of how Williams became the team that it is today. Williams begins with the story of Frank Williams, the founder, and follows the family through the years to the present day where Claire, Frank’s daughter, is now at the helm of the Williams team. Much of what we learn is told through the eyes of Virginia Williams; wife and mother to Frank and Claire respectively.