Forghieri: Enzo would have treated Seb with more respect

While the history of Ferrari in Formula 1 is littered with ups and downs, ingegnere Mauro Forghieri was one who experienced tremendous highs in an era in which he worked closely with Enzo Ferrari.

Needless to say, he has some interesting observations about the Scuderia, he still obviously loves, and the current crisis it faces.

Forghieri was a key player in the renaissance of 1974 with the Luca di Montezemolo (overseen by Mr Ferrari from the confines of Maranello) led the Scuderia and can boast working with greats such as Niki Lauda, ​​Jody Scheckter and Gilles Villeneuve.

After a dismal 2020 Spanish Grand Prix weekend for Ferrari, Forghieri told Leo Turrini, “There have already been moments like this in Ferrari history and real fans know it. They also know that Maranello never gives up but I admit that it is a very small consolation.”

The Italian spent two decades as Enzo Ferrari’s right-hand man, overseeing successes in sportscars including Le Mans as well as F1, revealed, “I didn’t do everything alone. Not everyone realises it, but even in Grand Prix racing when it applies that if the group wins, the team wins.”

As for the crisis embedding in the team on several fronts, Forghieri ventured, “Look, there is a human resources problem. There is no lack of money at Maranello, it’s not the money that makes the difference, unfortunately. I am convinced that Ferrari must strengthen its technical structure. And quickly.

In a time when the big teams are sharing responsibilities of the traditional team principal, Ferrari have opted for a technical oriented leader in Mattia Binotto.

Many insiders point to this as the cause of the current shortcomings, fearing the engineer has been out on a limb by his paymasters. John Elkann and Louis Camilleri. Binotto is effectively a one-man show sitting in the hottest seat in sport.

Furthermore, Vettel’s plight illustrated by odds offered online by betting tips 4 you and others are at 100 to 1 that he wins the forthcoming Belgian Grand Prix.

And stats show, single-handedly Mattia is not cutting the mustard and in the end, the turmoil of this era will be the legacy of his reign magnified by the production of the SF1000 under his watch which is turning out to be one of the worst cars produced by the Reds.

“Binotto plays a very delicate role,” Ventured Foghieri. “I know from experience! Being the head of the Gestione Sportiva is really difficult, the pressure is enormous, Ferrari never forgives anything.

“And so we return to the starting point. Nobody wins alone… Binotto must surround himself with the right people. I am not thinking of a revolution, that won’t help, but finding the right people, with the skills that are now obviously lacking

“Winning for Ferrari must once again be a source of pride but the car is conceptually wrong in other areas as well,” explained Forghieri with reference to the entire SF1000 package, not only the once formidable Power Unit that was castrated by the FIA in a secret deal with the team towards the end of last season.

On the driver front, like most of Italy, Forghieri is a firm believer in Charles Leclerc, “The boy has a lot of talent but Ferrari shouldn’t have burdened him with so many responsibilities so soon. We’re talking about a young man who hasn’t even raced 50 Grands Prix.

As for Vettel? “I don’t like to stir Enzo Ferrari, precisely because I really knew him and I know there are things attributed to him which he would never have done. He is a legend.

“But I’m sure the il Drake would have handled Seb’s farewell quite differently, he would have treated him with much more respect,” insisted Forghieri.

Ferrari have yet to win a race this year, only Leclerc has been on the podium only twice in six races while in the same period Vettel has scored points four-times with a best being sixth place in Hungary. Headline-grabbing stuff but for all the wrong reasons.

Mercedes, on 221 points, top the 2020 F1 constructors’ standings while Ferrari languish in fifth on 61 points ahead of the weekend at Spa-Francorchamps.