Lewis Hamilton 2020 Helmet livery

Hamilton debuts new ‘Black Lives Matter’ helmet design

Lewis Hamilton has revealed a new helmet design ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, showing his support for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

A vocal proponent of the movement that has swept the globe in recent months, six-time Formula 1 champion Hamilton has made the change to his helmet alongside his team Mercedes’ re-designs of their livery and race suits.

Sporting a purple and black colour scheme, the helmet includes a ‘BLM’ decal on its crown, and the words ‘Still We Rise’ – a modification on his previous quotation of poet Maya Angelou’s phrase, “Still I Rise”.

In a video posted to social media, Hamilton explained the reasons behind his new design.

“This is the whole reason that the helmet has changed its colour, that my suit has and also the car,” he said in reference to the ‘BLM’ decal. “It’s supporting equality above all and really continuing to solidify that important message as we currently now have the mic and people are starting to listen.

“It’s an opportunity to continue to push that message and really hold people accountable. Brands and the teams and Formula 1 and everybody here needs to be held accountable and be open to educating themselves, being open to understanding why the Black Lives movement is happening and why around the world we need to be pushing for equality.

“Because it’s not good enough. Even if someone says to you ‘we’ve been doing something’ or ‘we’ve been trying’, they need to try harder because it is still a big issue that the world is fighting, 60 years later after Martin Luther King was fighting for it and gave his life. So that’s what it’s about. I kept the purple from what I planned to start with the season, it’s my favourite colour.”