Binotto: We need assurances before Australian Grand Prix

Ferrari will need assurances its personnel will be allowed into the country before traveling to Melbourne for the 2020 Australian GP, says team boss Mattia Binotto.

With Italy being one of the countries worst-affected by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Binotto fears his staff could be barred from entry, or subjected to a lengthy quarantine process that would cause them to miss the race.

“What we will need is simply to have assurance before leaving,” he told “If there are any medical screenings, we need to know about them. You need to know exactly what’s about. We need to understand what are the consequences in case of any problem.

“Obviously we need to protect our employees. We have got collective and individual responsibility towards them. And it’s important, really, to make sure that before leaving, the picture, whatever is the scenario, is known and clear.”

Just this weekend the Scuderia has faced issues getting its personnel to the Formula 2 test in Bahrain, and as Binotto points out, AlphaTauri and Pirelli would face similar concerns coming from their own Italian bases, while Haas and Alfa Romeo could also be affected as Ferrari customers.

The issue then becomes whether Formula 1 holds the race in Melbourne without them.

“So what will be the situation that if eventually four teams cannot run and if the race will take place or not? That is not my decision,” Binotto said.