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Mercedes agrees to Netflix sequel, Ferrari interested

Formula 1’s top two racing teams Ferrari and Mercedes have agreed terms with US streaming giant Netflix to appear in a second Formula 1: Drive to Survive docuseries, according to Radio Monte Carlo.

Both parties rejected an invitation to feature in the first season of Netflix’s ten-part, fly-on-the-wall documentary that aired earlier this year and covered the 2018 season.


Mercedes today confirmed through their F1 chief Toto Wolff: “Mainly because our main competitor didn’t do it and I thought it was too much of a distraction.

“But then I watched it on my way to Australia and I didn’t like it. I think it didn’t reflect that was happening on track. But everybody who spoke to me, who was not a hardcore race fan, said they loved it!

“So I watched it again and I realised that it showed stories that on track don’t exist. It’s about the characters. It showed me a new angle to attract a new audience, different to how I perceive F1.

“This is why I decided to join and be part of Netflix 2019. But at only one race, and that will probably be Hockenheim. But I am not sure yet.”

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto was warm to the idea when he spoke to reporters about inclusion in next season’s episodes, “It was certainly an interesting programme. We were not participating last season but are considering it at the moment.”

However official confirmation from Maranello has not been forthcoming at time of writing.

Nevertheless, a French-Monégasque radio station claims that Ferrari have indeed agreed to participate in the sequel and had reported earlier that Mercedes would be included. Their sources have been spot-on thus far.

F1’s commercial managing director, Sean Bratches, told an audience during the opening day of SportsPro Live, held in London last month, that Netflix had already begun uncontracted filming for a Drive to Survive sequel, which looks increasingly likely.

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